Monday, November 21, 2005

Bad Boy Willie At It Again

FITS was a tad upset this morning having been forwarded a copy of sic Willie's latest post on www.laurinmanning.com, an up-and-coming political website where our favorite bad boy offers his weekly musings.

In this week's column, sic Willie describes in detail an exchange that took place at a Columbia-area bar over the weekend between himself and the campaign manager for Greg Ryberg (pictured at left, on the left). Apparently, sic Willie was not in the mood to talk politics but this gentleman was.

What? Is this really news?

Our hero goes on to extol the virtues of keeping political conversation out of bars and goes so far as to quote himself (first time I've seen that) from a speech he apparently gave to a bunch of graduate school students last week or something. First of all, I thought that's what bars were for, Billy Boy. Second of all, letting you speak to a class of grad students is like letting a child pornographer loose in a kindergarden class. Hopefully the professor gave the girls fair warning in advance to keep their cell phone numbers to themselves.

Does FITS sound more than a little jilted this afternoon? Yes, we do. And with good reason. Sic Willie did not return our calls all weekend only to claim that he "had a little too much fun at the Clemson game" when we finally got through to him this morning - AFTER we had left town following the game, of course. He apologized profusely, but we at FITS are currently not fooled. One of our correspondents in fact reported our boy trolling the Sheriff's lot after the game - a well-known tailgating hangout of young sorority girls.

Come on, Willie Boy.

In utter seriousness, it was disappointing to see such an effort from Willie this week following what was roundly praised as an excellent, well-crafted exposition on the current status of the tax reform efforts pending before the General Assembly. Irreverent or not, he hit the nail on the head in saying that a contemplated property-sales tax tradeoff should have an income tax relief component to it for economic development purposes.

Stick to what you are good at, Billy bad boy, and the next time someone shouts at you about politics in a bar use the two feet God gave you! Of course this will likely never happen because WE ARE WILL FOLKS.


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