Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bandy Professes Love for Lovelace

Boy, oh boy. Slick Willie (I mean I) would have never let this happen. Lee Bandy, the Senior Political Commentator in the State (and at The State, for dat matta), cozies up tenderly to Rod Shealy's latest attempt to bother Mark Sanford in this Sunday's "On Politics" column.

Bandy breaks momentarily from fawning on Lindsey Graham to kiss Oscar Lovelace (left) on the lips (no tongue, yet at least). And then, horror of horrors, he even had the sheer, unmitigated gall to suggest that Sanford's office was caught off guard by this latest demonstration of Shealy cleverness!!!

"Flat footed," spaketh Bandy, referring to Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer's response to the GOP (Ghetto Operative Politico) Gubernatorial Primary candidate's challenge.

Ole Will Folks would have been all over Bandy's posterior on this one, filling His Venerableness with a litany of previous Shealy based attacks on His Excellency the Governor and using that "personal touch" (no not that one, Miss Smith) to ensure that the column inches Bandy was looking to fill had some saucy comment to marginalize the Lovelace threat with a delicate balance of humor, irreverance and personality based wit.

Drinks would no doubt have been involved in the process and damn sure Sherry Shealy-Martschink (Rod Shealy's sister who was unceremoniously dumped from the Worker's Comp Board, thus spawning the bearded brawler's not so impotent rage) would have had her name appear front and center in the article.

Willy, we miss you but then again I AM WILL FOLKS.


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