Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Saucy Gervais S. Bridges

I gotta admit, I had to dress down a lot of my friends who got all up in arms about Gervais S. Bridges' Mark Sanford-as-Will-Folks Halloween post.

I thought it was hilarious.

I also thought it was pretty funny two dudes from the Statehouse actually went as "Will Folks" for Halloween. The wife beaters and business cards "Still think I'm Press Sec." were a funny touch, too, but Jack Daniels? Come on. Maker's or Smirnoff. Jack Daniels is status quo, and ole' Willie doesn't touch the status quo unless he's throwing it into furniture.

And then of course this week Will gets the Free Times "Political Faux Pas" award. Or runner-up. Gotta love it. Only the Confederate Flag is more offensive to Free Times readers than Will Folks.

Willie is getting a little overexposed. But then again I AM WILL FOLKS.


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