Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Time Says Inez is Nation's Top Superintendent

The crack staff at FITS has just learned that TIME magazine plans to name South Carolina's own Inez Tenenbaum as the nation's top school Superintendent. Tenenbaum, who has doubled the number of employees at the State Department of Education making $50,000 or more over the past four years, will be featured in a cover story on public education in the magazine's upcoming issue (on newsstands Monday).

South Carolina's public schools rank last in the nation in SAT scores, last in the nation in graduation rates, and according to the latest PACT results, generally stink despite consistent, triple-digit percentage funding increases over the past three decades. The average per pupil cost of educating a child in South Carolina's public school system has swollen to almost $10,000 (compared to less than half that ten years ago) - yet Tenenbaum has led the charge to prevent parents from exercising control over even a third of that mammoth investment themselves in an effort to find a better educational setting for their children.

TIME, which incidentally named S.C. Governor Mark Sanford one of the nation's three worst chief executives last week, said its ranking of Tenenbaum was based on "a clear, scientific methodology that's as transparent as our objectiveness as a news source."

Former Georgia State Superintendent Linda Schrenko, who is accused of laundering public education dollars to pay for her failed gubernatorial campaign and to give herself a face lift, among other personal expenses, was TIME's "Superintendent of the Year" winner two years ago.

And yes ... I AM WILL FOLKS.


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