Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another Blog About Will Folks? Jeez ...

FITS thought we had him all to ourselves but no, South Carolina's preeminent bad boy is the subject of yet another political blog, www.queerasfolks.blogspot.com.

Really people, can we give it a rest?

Sic Willie wasn't governor, wasn't a Constitutional Officer, a Senator, a Representative, a Cabinet member, a State House janitor or anything important like that ... hell, he wasn't even Lt. Governor for crying out loud! Why all the fuss???

"Queer as Folks" does at least have a funny story about Sen. Glenn McConnell playing around with some toy Confederate soldiers, but the author stoops a bit in a post about the governor's communications director position being advertised on Monster.com. According to the site, one of the qualifications for the job involves using "human bodies to rearrange furniture."

Ouch, indeed.


Anonymous Mucka-lucka said...

People really should leave Will alone. He's a nice guy. of course, he could stand to quit his constant yammering about the Shealys, Jake Knotts and Bobby Harrell too.

11:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's the matter will...I mean faith? are you afraid of somebody else out there in the blog o'sphere poking fun at your muse or kicking in your door!

10:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We do have those that will soil their own cages, yet piously and with the zeal of pharisees, claim to follow Reagan's 11th. No wonder the Libertarians are growing in SC.

9:19 AM


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