Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Carolina Statesman: 1940-2005

Strong. Proud. Tough. Visionary. Uncompromising.

Carroll A. Campbell, Jr., was all of these things - and so much more.

Much will be said and written in the days, weeks and years to come about this remarkable statesman, and rightly so. It is entirely appropriate that we as South Carolinians do this. But nothing we say or do, no tribute or lowered flag, no testimonial or heart-warming anecdote, will ever speak to the full weight of his accomplishments any clearer or more succinctly than the South Carolina economic and political landscape that he so fundamentally transformed.

Many politicians can lay claim to being actors on the stage. But it was Campbell, perhaps more than any other South Carolinian, who can lay claim to building that stage.

The prayers of all South Carolinians go out to Iris and the entire Campbell family, trusting that they will take comfort not only in their own cherished memories of a beloved family member, or the sincere, profound gratitude of a grateful state, but in the knowledge that God has taken him to a place where he is whole again in mind, body and spirit.

Economic development and the fight for efficient government in heaven just got a huge helping hand ... and God help any angels not ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to business.


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