Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Courson Wins FITS 2005 "Good Sport" Award

Too often people involved in the political process take themselves way too seriously. In the South Carolina political blogosphere, this is especially true ... and it often leads to numerous petty and acrimonious exchanges.

That's why the FITS home office was genuinely (and pleasantly) surprised to receive a call this morning from the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, who had evidently been doing a little bit of blogging up in heaven.

Turns out the late distinguished senior Senator from South Carolina, after offering a few jokes and telling FITS that all the cute female angels up in heaven "just love my red hair," was calling to correct the record about one of his dear friends, State Sen. John Courson (pictured above). According to Thurmond, Courson's current dog is named Reagan, not Goldwater (see FITS "All I Want for Christmas Is ..." post). Apparently the dog named for the former Arizona Senator and 1964 GOP Presidential Nominee passed away a few years ago. Thurmond also made sure to point out that Goldwater's predecessor in the Courson Trinity of Conservative Pooches (CTCP) was named after none other than Thurmond himself.

Having set the record straight to FITS' satisfaction, Thurmond then patched us back down to earth, where we chatted for awhile with Sen. Courson. Already sufficiently impressed by his ability to channel deceased political luminaries (and find their phone numbers, no less), we were equally impressed by his benevolent statesmanship and - get this - his ability to laugh at himself. In fact, not since our hero Sic Willie himself gave his personal seal of approval to the www.queerasfolks.com blog have we seen such good political sportsmanship.

That's why we here at FITS are proud to present to State Sen. John Courson from Richland County our Inaugural 2005 "Good Sport" Award. His prize? A purebred show-poodle named "Hillary" and our promise to stop calling him a tool of the liberal, wasteful, inefficient, monopolistic and ineffective status quo S.C. education bureaucracy ... well, for the next fifteen minutes, at least.

Major kudos, though, to State Sen. John Courson. If all the rest were like him, this town might actually break a smile, share a laugh and get something done every once in awhile.


Blogger Queer as Folks said...

dude guess what...your out of the closet!!! do you feel relieved or what? Jigs up, sic willie. check out the blog. Now is your turn to give up your anonymity. May god bless you and yours. Merry Christmas! We're under the mistle toe waiting for you...the good old boys at queer as folks.

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