Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Folks Gives Small Business Chamber "Just A Little Poke"

FITS received its latest copy of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce (SCSBCoC) newsletter yesterday morning and just about choked on our Flutie Flakes and 2% milk. There, nestled deep within a bunch of mind-numbing jibber-jabber 'bout this or that legislative fleecing, was a so-called "news" item on our hero Sic Willie.

It seems His Royal Slickness had a run-in with the good folks at the SCSBCoC over on the Laurin Line, and the SCSBCoC's Frank Knapp decided to inform his members of the exchange in the organization's newsletter. Headlined "Ex-Sanford Aid (we assume they meant 'Aide') Attacks Small Business Chamber," Knapp went on to quote Sic Willie as saying the SCSBCoC was a "fraud" and "a partisan sham," and that Knapp himself was "a penny-ante legislative observer."

Of course, having read the "offending" documents on the LaurinLine ourselves, we at FITS were disappointed that the SCSBCoC newsletter left out the best part our favorite bad boy's comments, specifically that Knapp was "skulking in the back of the lower lobby checking out Barbara Melvin's heels" while the SCSBCoC's rival, the local National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), was getting beaucoup love from Governor Sanford at the podium during the small business income tax relief bill signing ceremony. Yaaaooowza! Now that's the Willie we know and love!!!

The SCSBCoC - founded by former Democratic Rep. Tim Wilkes - claims that small business income tax relief, regulatory relief and lawsuit relief (all passed since January 2003) were their ideas back in 2000, but the organization has been curiously silent on these ideas since Sanford took office. Knapp himself even went after the Guv-nah publicly earlier this month saying his administration lacked a "strategy" for helping South Carolina's small businesses. Wait a minute, he gets all the things these guys claim to support throught the legislature (with no help from the SCSBCoC), and then the same people attack him for not having a strategy? It don't take Sherlock Holmes' logic to call bull#%&* on that.

Now Sanford is certainly lacking for any number of things (communications staff, spare change, business suits, a backbone on the school choice issue, just to name a few) but it's pretty tough to say he hasn't gone to bat for small businesses in a big way.

The SCSBCoC also took some pretty substantial liberties with the truth in its newsletter, claiming that our hero sic Willie "resigned his government job after being arrested for criminal domestic violence." As most are aware, the Slick One publicly announced his resignation four days before said arrest (and many maintain that the cause-effect relationship of that whole she-bang - whoops, bad word choice there - is really the other way around).

Worse still, the newsletter then goes on to say that incoming Sanford Co-Chief-of-Staff Tom Davis "sent Mr. Knapp an e-mail in response to the blog criticisms" while praising the SCSBCoC.

FITS has learned that Davis did indeed send Knapp a private e-mail on December 6 in response to two anonymous posts on the LaurinLine, but what the SCSBCoC newsletter fails to mention is that this e-mail could not have possibly been in response to Folks' criticisms - because they hadn't even been made yet! Sic Willie's first post about the SCSBCoC was made on December 7, the following day.

Why the hell the SCSBCoC would include an item like this in its newsletter - and then go to such lengths to misrepresent or recklessly falsify facts surrounding the incident - is completely beyond us. What the hell do the SCSBCoC's members care what Sic Willie said on a blog??? Jesus, people. Is that news??? Go protest a BellSouth rate hike or something.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is sad, will

1:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doh - looks like someone needs to read the pearls of wisdom from Sol Blatt over at the Cafe.

4:36 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Aren't you the same people who say Will is gay? Sure looks so from your Lexington County IP addresses.

4:37 PM

Blogger Palmetto Neocon said...

Rod Shealy Jr. maybe????

7:44 PM

Blogger Palmetto Neocon said...

Rod Shealy Jr. Maybe???

7:44 PM


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