Friday, December 16, 2005

LaurinLine Goes Big Time (Again)

She is the undisputed Queen of the SC Blogosphere, and now it would appear that Her Royal Highness is finally taking some guff commensurate with her title. Well good for you, Miss Manning. We at FITS can tell you that when you're at the top of any food chain it's only Darwinian that rabid packs of lesser species will try and knock you off your block (picture multiple hyenas attempting to ambush a strong, proud lionness). Just take it from FITS, girlfriend, keep your head held high and remember that all these anonymous cretins talking smack to you are really jealous that no one is talking about them!!!

So why is it that Laurin (www.laurinmanning.com) currently finds herself under the gun?

Apparently, because she told the truth when reporters called her and asked her to confirm rumors they had heard regarding a SC Democratic operative who makes frequent anonymous comments on her website. This operative, according to stories published in yesterday's State Newspaper and Charleston Post and Courier, visited the LaurinLine several times in recent weeks, posting disparaging comments about Florence Mayor Frank Willis' gubernatorial campaign and attempting to post disparaging comments about former governor Carroll Campbell (the day after Campbell passed away, no less).

While the vast majority of South Carolinians were rightfully disgusted by the utter insensitivity and callousness of the comments themselves, a few (mostly anonymous) attackers came after Laurin for "selling out a source" and preoccupied themselves with ascertaining the identity of a mysterious "X," who allegedly leaked the story to the news media against Queen Manning's wishes. With hyena-teeth bared, these lesser intellects and diversionary panderers of blame-shifting scorn assailed Laurin's decision to simply confirm what she knew to be true to the newspapers.

Help us out here, but since when did telling the truth become a dishonorable thing? Seriously, Laurin wasn't telling Hitler's minions to come inside and have a cup of coffee while she herded Anne Frank and her family out of the attic. She wasn't keeping Donnie Brasco's identity from the mob to keep him from "sleeping with the fishes." Hell, she wasn't even obscuring the status of Tom Brady's leg injury heading into this weekend's game against the Jets just to screw with fantasy football owners.

The truth is that our Queen did the right thing based on the situation in which she found herself. Whether circumstances have backed you into an uncomfortable corner or not, you just don't lie to cops, judges or reporters. Fact is, Miss Manning is probably the closest thing to authentic purity of motive to currently call the increasingly nebulous (and increasingly public) world of the SC blogosphere "home." Like George Washington, who inadvertently chopped down his father's favorite cherry tree searching for wood, she could not tell a lie when asked for the truth.

"That you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more precious to me than a thousand trees!" Washington's father told the future father of our nation when he admitted his so-called indiscretion. "Yes - though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!"

Or as Tee Pee, brother of the fictitious Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Rod Tidwell, more succinctly says in the film Jerry McGuire - "I got a commitment to the truth. I'm just keepin' it real."

Congrats to Miss Manning for "keeping it real," and beware to morons who would attempt to smear others anonymously.


Blogger Frank said...

Well said; this the most substantive post I've seen on this site. Good work darling.

1:48 PM

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Anonymous I just don't get it said...

Ms. Manning wouldn't have found herself in a position to have to answer a reporter's questions if she hadn't done something shady to begin with.

She operates a website where she posts news and opinions. She then invites readers to comment on those posts. She explicitly allows people to make their comments anonymously. Anyone that is visiting her site would be under the impression that anonymous comment is OK, and that their privacy would be respected.

So when someone made a comment that she felt was offensive, she looked up their IP address. It was enough for her to determine who it was, so she called that person's employer to tell them what was said. I could care less about the fact the press found out, that is sort of secondary. I think the fact that she took those steps is the worst part of the story.

If she had given her readers and commenters some warning that she might try to ascertain their identities, and would report them if they made inappropriate comments, that would be one thing. But to do this without warning is just a crappy thing to do. If she felt that strongly about it, she should have confronted him personally, and let him know that it is traceable and leave it at that.

Ms. Manning is a smart, funny, witty writer who runs a great website. But I think people are cutting her too much slack becuase of that, instead of calling her out on what was a terrible idea.

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post, but please, I beg you, enough with the references to that cheesy Jerry Maguire movie

10:06 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Ok, ok, anon. Maybe we do go a little overboard with our favorite sports agent.

4:52 PM


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