Sunday, December 04, 2005

SC Blogs Hit the Big Time

South Carolina's burgeoning community of political blogs got some long-overdue love this morning from the mainstream news media, or the "dead tree" media as Queen Laurin over at www.laurinmanning.com affectionately calls them. In case you missed it, The State newspaper's Aaron Gould Sheinin has penned a Sunday feature story on Gervais S. Bridges' "Barbeque and Politics" website, highlighting some of the purple-martin raised blogger's greatest hits along with a sidebar story listing other SC Blogs of note.

How big-time have blogs gotten?

Reached for comment at his palacial embassy north of the border, former S.C. Speaker of the House and U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Wilkins was even compelled to comment.

"Ya'll keep writin', we'll keep celebratin'," Wilkins guffawed between cognac sips.

Expect the "blogstock" to continue rising as current Legislators return to town a month from now and as primary and general elections approach next June and November. Heck, maybe Gervais can convene an inaugural "SC Blog Summit" to figure out how we can all get together and make a little money on these things. After all, FITS doesn't want to have to pose nude for Playboy to pay off our Christmas credit card bills!!!

Double kudos to Gervais, though - not only for the good press, but for acquitting himself remarkably well in his interview with Sheinin. You may recall that FITS' inaugural post was dedicated to the "saucy" S. Bridges, and even sic Willie himself (an occasional target of the BBQ master) praised Gervais for his "exquisitely-smoked and tender-roasted witticisms" in a recent column on the Laurin Line.

Finally, a well-deserved shout out to our friends at the Laurin Line, Devinely Southern, Crack the Bell, I Don't Believe the State, The Body Politic and the various palmettos (Neocon, Pundit, Observer and Habberplab).

Ya'll keep writin', we'll keep celebratin' indeed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i read the story of this gentleman and was not surprised to learn he is employed by "a major research university in the midlands." can anybody say tax dollars down the toilet?

12:36 PM

Blogger Laurin Manning said...

Are state employees required to work 24 hours a day?

11:24 PM

Blogger Palmetto Neocon said...

Should've been there with us FITS!

1:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you, anonymousm do NOT know good humor when you read it.

2:14 PM

Anonymous Tim said...

Thanks for plug...drop me a line about joining our Palmetto Bloggers ad network. I've made seven or eight bucks in two years of doing this.

4:56 PM


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