Monday, December 05, 2005

Second Food Fetish Blog Joins the Fray

First there was the juicy Gervais' "Barbeque and Politics" website. Now we have another culinary-inclined addition to the ever-expanding (and ever-addictive) South Carolina blogosphere. The site is called "Capital Cafe," www.thecapitalcafe.blogspot.com, and at first glance it certainly would appear to have some staying power.

Owned and operated under the nom de plume of one of our state's most prestigious public servants, Sol Blott, FITS' first sampling of the Cafe's menu gave us considerable pause for reflection. Entitled "Lay Off Ashley and Will," the author encourages those who claim to be "Southern gentleman" to start acting like it by avoiding overly-personal attacks against our bad boy sic Willie and his former flame.

We at FITS (Southern ladies and gentlemen all), concerned that we may have overstepped this bound a time or two (or three), would like to thank ole Solomon for his post. He's right, and as wise as his Biblical namesake. There's a fine line between having some fun (Gervais S. Bridges' Mark Sanford as sic Willie Halloween post, for example) and being downright mean (Wagging the Blog), and we at FITS will certainly do our best to keep satire in its proper perspective as we continue chronicling the exploits of our favorite bad boy and other players on the SC political scene.

Sic Willie himself has told us that he personally has no problem with FITS (Hell, we'll admit it, he wrote the hilarious pre-filed bills post for us) or any of the other blogs - including the new "Queer as Folks," whose title itself suggests our boy is a tad light in the loafers.

Capital Cafe is on target, though, and any blog that makes you think (as well as laugh) is doing its job. Now if we can just figure out to get "Barbeque and Politics" and "Capital Cafe" to accept our take-out orders we'll be in business ... we're hungry!! Girls and boys gotta eat!!!

Speaking of sic Willie, 'twas just another day at the office for him on the name ID front. His recent pasting of the General Assembly appeared in its fourth daily newspaper (Greenwood Index-Journal) and over on the Laurin Line (www.laurinmanning.com) there's a new slick Willie original - this time bashing the Representatives in Washington D.C. as opposed to those closer to home.

In other news, FITS' editors are hard-at-work preparing a 2006 Legislative Fashion Preview, to be compiled within the next few weeks by a brand-new addition to our staff. Look for it on e-newstands soon!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, a blog as tasty as a "Shoe With Cheese," as intoxicating as a "Dirty Coke" and as callous as Paul barking for your order. Now if we can get Sol to bring back the Tuesday night hootenanys then the World would be a better place indeed.

5:20 PM

Blogger Sol Blatt said...

Thank you for your kind words. For those old timers in SC politics, they will remember that the Capital Cafe, which was located on Main St. in Columbia, served as the pre-vista "HotSpot" when the legislature was in session. On Tuesday nights especially, you could find the powers that be (me, Edgar Brown, Rembert Dennis, Emile Harley and Winchester Smith) hanging around discussing the issues of the day. Many a bill was passed in the Capital Cafe back in my day. My hope is that it will regain its prominence as a "political hotspot" in the capital city.

5:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FITS, if you're going to write about SC, learn the spellings of landmarks, offices, and people. It's BLATT, pronounced "blot". You must not get out much.

2:29 PM


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