Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Semper Moronas?

Another day, another wannabe blogger.

The latest addition to the SC political blogosphere goes by the moniker Semper Libertas (Always Free), fancies him (or her) self as a 21st Century Captain America and ... get ready for a shocker ... HATES him (or her) some Will Folks.

You can check out Semper's work by visiting www.freecarolina.blogspot.com , or you could save yourself some time by just scrolling down here and reading his (or her) enlightening comments on FITS' recent "Stiletto Mafia" post.

"As long as Daytime talk shows, like Jerry Springer, exist, there will be women with little to no self-respect who will flock to Mr. Folks," our Red, White and Blue jumpsuit-wearing superhero wrote to FITS.

Ouch!!! You just gotta love it when libertarians throw down!!!

So much for peace on earth and goodwill toward men ...

While rumor has it that Semper Libertas is in actuality nothing more than a pimple on Andre Bauer's left butt cheek, count on our crack staff to keep you up to speed in case he (or she) writes anything worth reading.

Oh and Semper, you're welcome. In all likelihood more than six people will pay a visit to your website today.


Blogger Dave said...

A blogger would be some one who blogs, that is web logs, right? How would I go about not being a wanna be blogger while continuing to blog?

Also, Spinger's show is on TV because deep down a lot of people like freak shows, not because chicks have have no self-respect.

6:55 PM


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