Friday, December 02, 2005

Who's Hot Part II - Electric Boogaloo

FITS' crack staff was literally under siege from every direction yesterday as the buzz surrounding our now infamous "Who's Hot at the State House" list spread through the South Carolina political community faster than John Graham Altman's chronic psoriasis on a particularly hot and humid summer afternoon. A furious Rep. Dan Cooper (pictured, above) joined fellow Ways & Means Committee Members (pictured, background) in angrily denouncing the list, and Governor Mark Sanford - in rare synchronicity with the Legislature - also intimated that the list was "entirely inappropriate." The governor said something or the other about his and Jenny's "four little boys" and that FITS' list (see post below) did nothing to "keep South Carolina home to them, or frankly a lot of other kids and grandkids that are out there."

"More importantly, I am definitely hotter than Larry Marchant," the governor added once his wife was out of earshot. "What kind of bull#%&* is that?"

Reaction was understandably strong given the unexpected swarm of publicity accompanying the release of the FITS' lists, which were read aloud on the Andy Thomas Radio Show yesterday afternoon prior to an appearance on the program by the Queen of the SC Blogosphere herself, Laurin P. Manning.

"What are FMN shoes?" a befuddled Thomas asked his listeners.


Prevailing sentiment is that Sen. Vince Sheheen should have gotten a nod on the guys side (what can we say, Vince, sorry!) and that Jennifer Sparks, an aide to veteran GOP strategist Warren Tompkins, should have been included w/ the girls. We're hoping to devote today's comments section to additional entries for consideration, so hop on and tell us who you think we missed!

Speaking of which, a quick note to all you commenters out there. While FITS gets cracking on its sure-to-blow-the-thang-up-again "Who's NOT Hot at the State House" list, please remember that commenting anonymously is permitted (and encouraged) on this website. Commenting while pretending to be someone else, however, is bush league and will not be tolerated. Yesterday Mark Plowden, a friend of two FITS' staffers, and "Record Keeper," a frequent poster on www.laurinmanning.com, had their identities hijacked by fraudulent posters on this website.

This is supposed to be fun kids! Let's keep it that way and not steal people's names or online identities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, a little TD-CYA. Nice.

1:48 PM

Anonymous Krebs said...

I would certainly put Sparks above anyone in that crowd you had listed yesterday.

2:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meredith Strawhorn @ Hodges Consulting was left off...HOW ??? Have you all seen this babe ? Rumor has it she's been the hottest thing in Columbia since she arrived @ USC many years ago...well more like 8-10 yrs ago. Bloggers and readers will agree, this girl should have definitely cracked the top 10...and maybe rival a Top 3 finish.

3:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regina and Joren from Finance...are definently on the list! I agree with Strawhorn, but she's so shallow, no depth. Sparks is certainly a cutie. The ideal fantasy might be Regina, Joren and Jennifer! Wow!

10:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Strawhorn should be a definite on the list. Disagree with your off-base description of her as "shallow, no depth".
She's got a great personality, smarts (bio says cum laude graduate), and always has a kind, approachable demeanor...never fake. If that's shallow, I'll take it.

5:22 PM

Anonymous lobby police said...

I agree with the last blog post. Strawhorn is extremely friendly, easily approachable and never seems to appear shallow...like the other 97% of the girls @ the statehouse. Whoever posted that she was shallow, obviously doesn't really know her and is just plain mean spirited. If she is shallow, then Robert Ford is a Republican

9:05 PM


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