Tuesday, January 24, 2006

AG's Office "Cranks" It Up

FITS couldn't help but notice that one of our favorite friends from the office of Attorney General Henry McMaster (right) was wound up a little tighter than usual when we ran into him the other night.

Usually spouting Steel Magnolia quotes at 45 RPM, somebody had obviously set his motor at 90 on this particular evening.

It seemed nothing - brown liquor, the soothing sounds of Burt Baccarat, even a delectible filet mignon - could slow him down.

It may have taken us awhile, but FITS finally put 2+2 together:



Blogger goodintentions said...

And surprise, surprise, today he announces he's running for re-election.

Yeah, he grandstands, but Condon set the standard for grandstanding.

8:17 PM


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