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FITS' Leadership Post II - Just the Merits

Although on the opposite side of the nation's bloodiest conflict from the subject of FITS' first leadership post, Abraham Lincoln, Confederate States of America (C.S.A.) President Jefferson Davis was also in possession of numerous qualities which, much like Lincoln, have elevated him to a position of prominence in history.

Seldom personable in his interaction with fellow politicians, Davis was derided by many of his colleauges in Washington D.C. (and later in Richmond, Va.) as distant and unfeeling. One such colleauge famously described the first and only President of the Confederacy as "cold as a serpent and ambitious as Lucifer." Notoriously uncompromising in his virtue, Davis often riled those in power by eschewing the pork barrel tradeoffs so common in politics from time immemorial.

On one such occasion, prior to heeding the secession call of his native Mississippi, Davis asked a fellow Senator to support an appropriation for his home state. The Senator replied by asking Davis if he would consider trading him his support for an unrelated appropriation in his home state.

In all its glory, not to mention its unmistakable relevance to today's South Carolina General Assembly, here was Davis' response:

“Sir, I make no terms. I accept no compromises. If when I ask for an appropriation, the object shall be shown to be proper and the expenditure constitutional, I defy the gentleman, for his conscience’ sake, to vote against it. If it shall appear to him otherwise, then I expect his opposition, and only ask that it shall be directly, fairly and openly exerted. The case shall be presented on its single merit, on that I wish it to stand or fall.”

Good luck teaching the vast majority of elected officials in South Carolina that kind of resolve conducting the people's business.


Blogger The Raving Maniac said...

Hey, South Carolina - We Can Do Better!

** From the Raving Maniac's blog at http://theravingmaniac.blogspot.com/ **

As I ponder the past and look toward 2006, I finally realized what this gnawing feeling in my gut has been for the past few years: I'm ashamed to be a South Carolinian, and a Republican. A few of the reasons why:

1. I voted for Mark Sanford. I am sorry. I believed the TV ads. I didn't do my homework. It won't happen again. We can do better, and Mr. Lovelace is looking pretty good right now.

2. In voting for Sanford, I bought the line of a bunch of New York advertising flacks, funded by New York political hacks. I'm smarter than that. I can do better.

3. Our governor, our most visible business development asset, doesn't understand business development. He has starved us when he should have been laying out the 5 Star buffet, and he didn't need to be very smart to figure that out. We must do better, for the sake of our kids, and their kids.

4. Our governor truly does not appreciate the value of our public schools and public universities. He actually said that he doesn't see the link between excellence in public schools, and a thriving South Carolina economy. Can he really be that obtuse? We can do better.

5. Our governor, our chief executive officer, hired Will Folks (Will Folks, for God's sake) to a key staff position. There are lots of good reasons to send Mr. Sanford back to Florida, but just this single decision is reason enough. We can do better.

6. We will elect a Republican Education superintendent next year. The governor's choice, Karen Floyd, has endorsed his school voucher program, to take my tax dollars away from public education and give it to private schools. We can do better.

7. Finally, in electing Mark Sanford, we elected a Libertarian instead of a Republican. He is a darling of the miniscule Libertarian Party (check out their web sites - many want him to be president). But I'm not a Libertarian, and there's a good reason why only about 0.00001% of Americans are: their ideas are bad. They don't work. Just look at South Carolina's business development climate and unemployment statistics. We must do better.

I will do better in 2006. Will you?

The Maniac

Read more at the Raving Maniac's blog at http://theravingmaniac.blogspot.com/

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Blogger faithinsound said...

Hey dumbass ... did you have something to say about ole Jeff Davis or were you just venting your spleen?

We'll leave you asinine rant up this time but next time be germane (pull up a dictionary if you need one) or we'll delete you and let you speak to your audience of 12.


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