Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gervais, We Hardly Knew Ya

FITS was genuinely pleased today to receive the following three knock-knock jokes, which were truly a welcome respite from the 1,001 "Will Folks Knock-Knock Jokes" we've been forwarded these past couple of months.

Seriously, we're all about bashing our favorite bad boy, but how many times can the soon-to-be-less-than-anonymous Gervais S. Bridges continue to beat the same dead horse and expect similar non-diminishing returns on hilarity?

Perhaps the answer to that question lies in the identity of Mr. S. Bridges, or more accurately, in his genetic proximity to one Rod Shealy, Sr.

Not that it was really that much of a surprise.

All you've got to do is look at the opinion editorials one Mr. Ross Shealy has written over the past few months, including one late last summer on Sanford's vote against renewing funding for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and the answer is literally staring you in the face ... or in Mr. Shealy's case, the grundle.

Classic strategy. Why bring sic Willie into the mainstream when you can cut the guvna's ass on the issue without mentioning his favorite bad boy's name - and then after you've stroked Brad Warthen's marsupial pouch, you can turn around and vent your spleen on a (used to be) anonymous blog?

Anyway, without further adieu, here are the three knock-knock jokes we received today:


Q: Who's there?
A: The Saucy Gervais S. Bridges.
Q: I thought your name was Ross Shealy?


Q: Who's there?
A: One of those Will Folks knock-knock jokes.
Q: How funny are those now, Ross?


Q: Who's there?
A: A cush USC Naval ROTC job.
Q: Don't you mean a former cush USC Naval ROTC job?

It'll be interesting to see if Mr. Shealy - whose identity was nobly protected by the likes of Mr. Aaron Gould Sheinin and Miss Laurin Manning - used his state computer (or state time) to post his various missives.

Whether he did or not, FITS is happy to welcome him to the "You've Been Outed Club."


Anonymous Ty Webb said...

Why would it be "former job at USC NROTC?" Isn't his job in the military to support and defend the Constitution,and thus free speech?

Or are you saying he should just guarantee free speech for you, but not practice it himself?

9:38 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Mr. Webb,

He should - and does - have freedom of speech.

What's your point?

11:27 AM

Anonymous ty webb said...

My point is, why would it be his "former job at USC NROTC" as you posted?

Do you expect, or are you going to try and make, something to happen to him at the University just because he wrote some jokes on a blog?

Business must be pretty slow at the consulting firm if that's the case...

12:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

These "knock knock" jokes are not even funny.

1:45 PM

Anonymous Will Folks said...

Nobody should, or is going to, lose their job over this.

And again, business is fine, I appreciate the concern.

2:20 PM


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