Sunday, January 01, 2006

Sen. Phil LeBuster Receives Prestigious Award

FITS has learned that Sumter Senator Phil LeBuster has recently been awarded the Association of Obfuscating Pompous Airheads' (AOPA) Lifetime Oxygen Depletion Award for his consistent efforts to suck the life out of the legislative process by filibustering anything proposed by Gov. Mark Sanford. LeBuster, whose dull, nasal tenor has been directly responsible for hijacking countless hours of Senate deliberations, ulitmately received the award four days after it was initially to have been presented to him owing to the fact that he wished to make a few brief remarks.

"It is an honor to be recognized by a group that epitomizes everything I am and everything that I stand - literally for hours on end - for," LeBuster said at some point during his 96-hour acceptance speech, which was interrupted once by applause from his wife. "And if you think hearing me talk for the last three years has been fun, wait till I filibuster my own bill attacking the governor's Medicaid waiver this session. That'll be a real hum-dinger."

LeBuster, who opposes any effort to make government more efficient, effective or accountable to the taxpayers who fund it, was hailed as a "hero of the paper pusher" by AOPA's 2005 Legislator of the Year, Luke Rankin, who was honored for his superb blowhard performance this past session on the Santee Cooper issue.

"Phil LeBuster knows that the only way to continue subsidizing Dr. Oscar Lovelace's medical practice is by making sure South Carolina's Medicaid system remains as rife with waste and inefficiency as possible," Rankin said. "I salute him for standing in the way of progress wherever it may be found and look forward to helping him waste millions of additional health care dollars in the years to come."


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and all this time I thought that giant sucking sound was Sens. Knotts and Reese @ a buffet line

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