Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Billboard Urges Billboard Veto, Gubernatorial Testacles

Gov. Mark Sanford has until midnight tonight to figure out what he's doing with the perhaps the most blatant example of special interest legislation the S.C. General Assembly has passed this session - the "I'm Scott Shockley With Lamar Advertising, Bitch" Billboard Reform Act of 2006.

Seriously, every lobbyist under the State House dome got a piece of this action, God only knows how many legislators got slipped campaign checks and worst of all, the bill includes specific new definitions of things like "anal cleft" as a part of the decency component used to lure Christian conservatives into the fold.

Anal cleft?

Oh, and did we mention that the bill reduces the concept of home rule in South Carolina to a purely transient notion - something the jokers in Columbia can take away whenever the checks being floated behind a particular bill are large enough?

Let's hope our governor follows the advice of the billboard above and exercises his Constitutional prerogative to veto this most brazen of special interest boondoggles.


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