Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Is Queer as Folks Dead?

FITS has noticed that there has been a slight uptick in the SC Political Blogosphere's ability to spell correctly, use punctuation marks and generally make common sense over the past two weeks given the absence of posts (and thankfully comments on other blogs) from ever-rambling "Queer as Folks" founder, Paul Adams.

Adams has not posted any original content (and we use the term "content" loosely) on his pink-and-purple web domain since Feb. 3, about the same time his various non-sensical tirades about Will Folks, Rick Quinn and Sen. Glenn McConnell stopped appearing on the comment pages of virtually every other political website in the state.

All of which begs our question: Is "Queer as Folks" dead?

The gramatically-challenged Adams did not return repeated phone calls from our crack correspondents seeking comment, but we at FITS sincerely hope that no ill has befallen one of our favorite bloggers of all-time. In fact, our most fervent wish for QAF is that after draining South Carolina taxpayers of unemployment benefits ever since Sen. McConnell beat Adams-led challenger Justin Kahn like he stole something back in 2004, perhaps our Lithium keyboarder has finally found a jobby-job.

In case you missed all the fun, though, here's the link: http://www.queerasfolks.blogspot.com.

Whatever the disposition of Mr. Adam's blog, a cursory glance around the SC Blogosphere this morning reveals that our favorite bad boy Sic Willie will not suffer long for lack of web vitriol being lobbed in his direction. The Shealy BBQ Blog (which we should remind readers is different from the Shealy Wagging Blog) has, in fact, once again revoked its vow to make "No More Will Folks Jokes" and posted a pretty funny article about our hero just this morning.

You can view the post its entirety at:

Just remember as you read, however, that none of Bob Staton's four "R's" stands for "Republican."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think "stole" is the proper word to use will. Coming from your school of politics. I think bought is the proper term to use. If you look at the final figures from that campaign, I think that lithium paul as you like to call him did quite a job with what he had to work with. Justin Kahn was working with a "liberal trial lawyer" in a safe republican district and got his candidate just under 40% of the vote in a district where McConnell should have carried the vote 80 to 20 in a presidential year.

Further, Kahn only had something like 60 thousand dollars to spend on the whole race (info from the senate democratic caucus) and McConnell spent over 220 thousand (senate ethics committee).

Now if the McConnell camp didn't at least think sometime during that campaign that Adams/Kahn might just beat them at the end of the day--then why did they drop that kind of jack against a guy who didn't have any kind of chance in hell of beating him. Just to show that they could spend that kind of money?

1:39 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anon (Mrs. Paul Adams, perhaps?),

If your argument were a tree falling in the woods, it would be a sapling.

But thanks for writing!


3:07 PM

Anonymous Tina Adams said...


Is it just me or are you just writing things to try and get Paul to respond to your tirades or is it my ire you are working to draw? Well, you've drawn it.

First of all, for those of us who don't have a father who is a tenured professor who makes well over $140,000 a year at the USC School of Business in the International Business Studies program and can bankroll your imaginary consulting firm, we may just have to rely on the SC Employment Security Commission for a little assistance for a total of 26 weeks while Paul worked to get another job,and by the way...he is providing quite well for our family.

In case you didn't know, employers pay unemployment taxes in their payroll taxes taken from your paycheck, so, basically, it's earned income that most employees don't ever claim.

Yes, Paul has had a few things befall upon, him as has our family, but I won't go into that. It is obvious that you wouldn't care anyway and would use it as political fodder.

Apparently you don't really read Paul's blog because he writes about things other than you, Quinn and McConnell.

Having been out of the political arena for almost four years, I KNOW you have unlimited topics to write about. As for the lithium reference, that is way old, get a new drug. Paul doesn't even take that...I would know.

In the future, if I'm going to resond to something on your blog, I will sign my name to it, don't assume that anyonymous posts are me.

Tina Adams aka Mrs. Paul Adams

P.S. With your record of domestic violence...you'll never have a Mrs. Will Folks! By the way, You are the Ike Turner of South Carolina politics. And nobody wants to be like Ike Turner.

10:25 PM

Blogger STR said...

Dear FITS,
Let me know as soon as possible when a Pay Per View bout is set between you and queerasfolks! Please inform me for a on one thing if you know or have an answer..... why hasn't Sen. McConnell ever pursued more of a political career as far as running for a national seat?

9:19 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Uh-oh ... we've upset the Missus (again).

Mrs. Adams, Will is one of several contributors to FITS, and I don't believe he penned that last post but we will be glad to check for you. If memory serves, Laurie D. wrote it but it may have been Deborah.

It does give us great pleasure though to present you with our inaugural Tammy Wynette award, for standing by your man.

Mr. Reese, in regards to your query, the likely reason Sen. McConnell has not run on the national stage is that he would likely find Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer to be much more effective adversaries than Phil Leventis or, say, your dad.

10:42 AM

Blogger STR said...

ha, good point. If McConnell would have ran the other year for the U.S. Senate seat....between him, DeMint, Ravenel, and Beasley I think it was.....do you see the outcome being any different with McConnell in the race or not really?

11:02 AM

Anonymous Will Folks said...

Dear Mrs. Adams,

Let me say first that I am not the author of the post that has generated your impotent rage. When content which I have offered offends, as it recently did in the case of the brother of Megan Dooley the former Chamber lobbyist, I take full responsibility for it and, if appropriate, apologize.

Second, since you chose to attack my family via my father's position at the University of South Carolina, I would point out to you that the man you are criticizing, Dr. William R. Folks, Jr., created the only academic program in USC's decidedly lackluster history to attain a No. 1 National Ranking, which his MIBS program held for 6 consecutive years. The MIBS program is singularly responsible for the only widespread national and international acclaim USC has ever received, and is the only reason our business school remains on the global map.

And incidentally, the only thing Dad has given me since I founded my company is an extra ticket every now and then to attend USC football and basketball games when my mother is unable to accompany him.

All of which brings me to my point: I really don't give a damn what you - or anybody else - says about me in the newspapers or on these blogs. By now I'm used to it, and at times must admit I even enjoy it. But that's me. I like controversy and I don't shy away from it.

My father is another story entirely. He has been a kind, humble, hard-working, honest and respected member of this society for over three decades, and your attack on him is indicative as much of your pettiness as it is your ignorance.

I would encourage you in the future to get your facts straight before you start leveling unfounded attacks at innocent, apolitical individuals like my father whose character and integrity obviously tower so far over yours as to be beyond your limited ability to comprehend.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,


2:04 PM

Anonymous Tina Adams said...

Gee Will, you must have somebody write your columns for you...you freakish little toad because you obviously cannot read.

The only thing that I mentioned about your father was that he bankrolled your silly little playroom of a imaginary consulting firm.

How does that disparage his character, you are grasping for straws and just looking to make another personal attack...again, poor will at a GIRL!!!!

Get a grip baldy! Is the mold in the basement getting to your brain. Because I hear that once you get kicked out of your girlfriends house for beating her up, you skinny little prick your mom and dad will only let you live in the basement. Not back in the house with the regular people.

And for the record, I think your father is a fine man. I just think that you are a schmuck!

Now you have a nice day,


2:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mrs. Adams was not attacking your father. She was merely saying that he has a good job that is financially beneficial to you as well. She never once attacked your father's character, my friend. So your latest fracas is, as usual, a waste of time.

3:34 PM

Anonymous T.J. said...

Dear FITS,

Since we all know Will is a contributor here, why doesn't he merely sign his posts as such rather than FITS? That way there would not be any confusion. I have a little bit of a tough time believing that all of the posts on here are not Will. I guess thats the trouble with sharing a blog with semi-anonymous posters. Honestly, why not just post your names all of you and remove all doubt? I think the charade has gone on long enough and the repeated "It wasn't Will who posted the offensive remarks" defense is getting old. Someone should own up to their words if it is not in fact Will. I'd like to believe its not Will because I enjoy his commentary, but until there is some clarification, it feels same to assume.



3:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a puss - having to get his wife to give the bitch slap. Get some balls dude.

4:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

will is 6 ft. and freakishly thick, tina.

4:46 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Goodness gracious what a conflagration!!!!!

What is the blogosphere without the Adams Family?

Can a sister get an amen?

4:47 PM

Blogger Queer as Folks said...

my balls are just fine...Will or what ever transsexual identity you are hiding behind today.

If you hadn't beat up your fiance, maybe you would now have a wife that would be willing to say something nice about you.

oh and congratulations to rick quinn for winning a straw poll in a democratic county.


10:10 AM


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