Monday, February 27, 2006

Vacuum Cleaner Beat Down

FITS kids you not.

A man was murdered in Anderson County over the weekend by a woman using a vacuum cleaner. According the Anderson Independent-Mail, Evelyn Pressley (pictured) of Belton, S.C., was charged yesterday with the murder of 53-year old Jerome Powers, her common-law husband.

According to police reports, Pressley beat Powers over the head with various vacuum cleaner attachments before strangling him to death with the vacuum cleaner's hose.

In a slightly less "made for Jay Leno" news clip, the Metro section of The State newspaper today featured an article with the headline, "Woman has difficulty finding job, paying utility bill."

Only in South Carolina, people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah and you know everything about domestic violence don't you, WIll? Why don't you show some balls and start picking on people your own size.

2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Tina Adams: That's a big woman - much bigger than Will so he's actually picking on someone heavier and a hell of a lot more violent.

2:52 PM


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