Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Norris' Political Impact Spreading Rapidly

In less than 24 hours since he was invested with supreme executive, legislative and judicial authority in the State of South Carolina, new Sanford Minister of Defense Chuck Norris is quickly establishing himself as a political force to be reckoned with.

First was yesterday's announcement by Rep. John Graham Altman that he would not seek another term, a move political observers attribute directly to Altman receiving specific instructions from the movie/martial arts superstar.

Now, according to the Florence Morning News, powerful Senate Finance Chairman Hugh Leatherman is also buckling under the "Norris touch," introducing legislation that would drastically alter South Carolina's self-defense laws to allow for more "deadly force."

Under Leatherman’s bill, the current self-defense law's requirement that victims must "retreat in the face of an oncoming intruder" would be deleted and "deadly force could immediately be exerted on the attacker to prevent bodily injury to or death of the victim."

Think we're kidding? Check it out for yourself at:


And over in the House, Rep. Catherine Ceips has introduced a bill (co-sponsored interestingly enough by Rep. Wallace Scarborough) that would allow SLED to issue an emergency concealed weapons permit to any woman receiving a court-ordered restraining order in - among other instances - criminal domestic violence cases. The bill is scheduled to be debated this afternoon by a Judiciary subcommittee.

Having roundhouse-kicked half of the state press corps only yesterday, Minister Norris was unable to hold a press conference to tout his accomplishments, but did issue the following two-word statement to the media:

"Bring it."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess that if these two bills do pass then Will Folks better think twice before he knocks down a door or beats the hell out of any girls.

What do you all think?

4:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But like Chuck Norris, Will Folks can probably stop bullets.

11:21 AM


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