Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seer-Sucker Smack Down?

South Carolina's resident political genius, philanthropist, kingmaker and generally "too cool for school" multimillionaire John Rainey (pictured at left) today laid the proverbial seer sucker smack down on anti-Sanford "babblerouser" and Shealy Barbecue Blog author Ross Shealy.

In a provocative op-ed published in today's State newspaper, Rainey (Chairman of the Board of Economic Advisors) disputes the notion that he's an apologist for Gov. Mark Sanford's handling of our state's economy, as Shealy suggested in an op-ed published in the same paper back on March 3.

If anybody had any doubt whether Rainey is a Sanford apologist or not, they need look no further than the BEA's chief economist, Comrade Wilhelm Gillespie, Rainey's right-hand man. The seer sucker, bow-tie wearing Rainey has allowed Gillespie free reign in shooting down literally every major initiative Sanford has put on the table (income tax relief, tuition tax credits and government restructuring, to name just a few).

Using the time-honored Democratic "class warfare" argument honed in Washington by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Jim Clyburn, among others, Gillespie would have us believe that tax cuts destroy economic growth, tuition tax credits destroy public schools and government restructuring destroys, well, government.

Never mind that no evidence exists to support any of those assumptions, and ample evidence exists to disprove them all.

So no, Mr. Seer Sucker Eeyore, your status as a non-Sanford apologist is actually quite secure. And while it's nice that Mr. Rainey has taken the time to explain how South Carolina's improving economy (and growing revenue stream) is not to be misread as a sign of allegiance to the governor who appointed him to head the BEA in the first place, it would be nicer still if he realized that real economic growth means "We the Taxpayers" deserve our fair share of the excess revenue we've worked so hard to create.

But then again, we're sure Mr. Gillespie would have something to say about that ...


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hello from portugal

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Damn - Vasco De Gama reads FITS???

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"You're global now, worldwide."

-Bob Sugar to Jerry McGuire (impersonating Frank "The Great" Cushman at the time)

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