Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shealy-ites Fight Back, Say Andre Should Have Driver

On the same day news broke that their standard-bearer, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, used and abused his office to avoid two speeding tickets (including one instance where the Light Gov. was traveling at 101-mph) - and then lied in an effort to cover it up - the Shealy Nation was already fighting back.

No surprise there. The "Redneck Mafia" based out of Irmo, S.C. has a lot on the line with Andre, and Shealy is pulling out all the stops to try and spin the disaster effectively.

Leading the charge yesterday was resident S.C. blowhard and Shealy candidate State Sen. Jakie Knotts (pictured above during his svelte phase), who had the audacity to suggest Bauer should be rewarded for his reckless endangerment of fellow citizens with his own security detail and a personal driver.

Gee ... there's a great message. Break the law, place the lives of countless other people in danger, abuse your position of public trust to avoid responsibility for your actions, lie about everything on top of it all, and BAM! The taxpayers of South Carolina should thank you by shelling out $65,000 a year to protect and chauffer around while you campaign for re-election on their nickel?

Only in the thick, Cro-Magnon skulls of Rod Shealy and Jakie Knotts does that make sense.

“Our lieutenant governor shouldn’t be going across the state late at night,” Knotts said in an interview with The State. “He’s very popular; everyone wants him to be with them. We should provide security for him.”

Actually, traveling across the state late at night is perfectly normal (in fact, thousands of people do it), it's the 101 miles per hour, "SC 2's" above the law mentality and after-the-fact cover-up that bother most people.

We think The State newspaper's editorial today spoke for the vast majority of South Carolinians (who, by the way, would probably still be in jail right now if they'd done what Andre did) in concluding that resignation, not receiving a reward, is the more appropriate course of action for our Lt. Governor to consider.

Next comes Step Two in Shealy's "Bauer Reputation Redemption Strategy," which was for Andre to temporarily surrender his Constable certificate with the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to make absolutely sure that, in Rod Shealy's own words, "the public understands that he is in no way above the law."

Unless of course the law has anything to do with him obeying the speed limit, accepting the consequences if he doesn't or telling the truth when people ask him about it.

Again, many of us in South Carolina are stupid, but it's not tattooed on our foreheads.

But these are the Shealy-ites. They protect their own.

Like when former State Rep. Larry Koon faced a competitive challenge from Nikki Haley two years ago. Shealy attacked Haley mercilessly with disgraceful racial and religious slurs that had nothing to do with her qualifications for office. Thankfully, the voters rejected these negative tactics Haley won her seat in a landslide.

Or like five years ago, when Sen. Knotts himself got his buddy Cameron Neal off the hook following his second Criminal Domestic Violence charge, persuading a Lexington County magistrate not to file charges against his friend.

"I believe there is a difference between a shouting and a pushing match and a real domestic violence case," Knotts told The State newspaper at the time, defending his intervention in the matter.

Of course, this is the same Knotts who intentionally leaked our boy Sic Willie's July CDV arrest to The State and other news outlets, despite the fact that "pushing" was all that was even alleged in that incident, to say nothing of proven.

Because Bauer is Rod Shealy's franchise ballplayer, the accusations against him raise the typical Shealy-ite "playing for keeps" mentality to another level.

Based on Day 1's efforts by the Shealy Nation, it would appear Winthrop political scientist Scott Huffman is correct in saying, "There is no way to spin this well."

But don't think that'll keep Rod and the Redneck Mafia from trying.


Anonymous Willie said...

Pushing "alleged" but "not proven" ???!???

What in the world are you talking about? You were convicted. By definition, a guilty plea is a conviction. There are no more allegations, only proven facts.

Mebbe you should have hired a lawyer that would've splained all this to you, spokesdude. Jes a thought.

10:18 PM


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