Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Rather than substantively defend the whiny, wasteful and wrong-headed status quo that keeps South Carolina last in the nation in SAT scores and graduation rates, it would appear supporters of Democrat-in-hiding Bob "Status Quo" Staton have a different notion of elevating the public discourse:

Blacking out teeth and drawing Hitler moustaches on real Republican Karen Floyd's 4X8 signs.

Just take a look at this Floyd sign (above) in downtown Columbia, as observed this morning around 11:00 a.m. at the corner of Blossom and Huger Streets.

Of course, knocking down or defacing signs is nothing new to some of the short-bus political goons backing Status Quo Staton's campaign. They practically made a living running over Mark Sanford signs with pick-up trucks back in 2002.

And there's the difference ...

Some people see the sign or banner of a political opponent on the side of the road and immediately experience fear - which manifests itself in acts of destruction and defacement like the one highlighted here. There's a word for these types of folks in society: "losers."

Others see the sign of an opponent and experience an adrenaline surge of a different kind, the desire to outwork, out-heart and out-think their opponent on the battlefield of ideas.

Those are the people who win races ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee Will is that kind of like when you see a woman and you want to knock her down?

You will have to excuse us if we don't take advice from a convicted wife-beater.

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Folks or whoever wrote this has a valid point. But once again the subject becomes him and not the argument he was making.

I do not know Mr. Folks. Never met him in my life. I do not know or care what took place between him and his former fiancee. That is none of my business.

The fact remains still however that every time Mr. Folks makes a point people who cannot disprove that point post comments like the one above.

Debate the issue people. Argue the issue if you can or if you cannot then shut up.

Someone should make a list one day of issues that this website has raised only to have been met with absurdity and inappropriate jokes about woman beating like the one offered by the previous commenter.

Put up or shut up people. I would hate to see any of you in a debate with Mr. Folks.

5:26 PM

Blogger Laurin Manning said...

An uncorroborated allegation that members of Bob Staton's campaign team vandalized a poster is "a valid point"? I'm quite sure that neither Bob Staton nor any member of his campaign team had anything to do with this.

5:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somehow I think you have Mr. Staton and Mrs. Floyd mixed up. Didn't I read the other day in the press where Mrs. Floyd has a history of supporting Democrat with $'s? I understand that she is attempting to distance herself from her past and the SCRG. What gives?

7:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Laurin. While there are many juvenile people in politics, there are even more juvenile people outside of politics.

Somebody in Charleston has figured out how to change Oscar's signs from "Lovelace" to "F**kface"

Although I'm sure Will appreciates the sentiment conveyed, I doubt he is the evil genious behind it.

8:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee Laurin is this kind of like the uncorroborated allegation that you have been socially seeing a member of Team Staton?

Would you dating Staton's Campaign Manager be a valid point?

8:33 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Your Majesty,

Please forgive we your disloyal subjects for daring to think ill of any campaign that you have been, shall we say, "connected to" in the past.

But since your impartiality here is about as non-existent as your personal loyalties and trustworthiness elsewhere, may we humbly and submissively recommend getting back to your bar review, learning to sue somebody for real and saving your sanctimonious drivel for someone else's comment board?

Thanks, and God Save the Queen ...


8:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"sanctimonious drivel"???

Laurin's comments are always more than substantive.

Your guest blogging on her site of such "sanctimonious drivel" is the only thing that ever gave you an ounce of credibility once you left the Gov's office.

9:14 AM

Blogger Laurin Manning said...

Bar review won't be for another year (thank goodness), but I appreciate your concern!

And I'm "connected to" Staton folks in the present--not the past. They're my friends. And impartiality is irrelevant. There's nothing subjective or open to interpretation in this situation. Staton staffers didn't deface the sign, and they don't deserve to be blamed for it.

Furthermore, I'm quite sure that that Mrs. Floyd would want someone finger-pointing on her behalf without any better proof than unsubstantiated speculation. Mrs. Floyd is A.) a classy lady and B.) an attorney. She's running a heck of a race and doesn't need "help" of this sort.

10:05 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anon-

According to the best of our information Her Majesty the Queen is not currently dating anyone on the Staton campaign, but you would probably have to ask her about that yourself.

As for her defenders (Miss Dulin and the rest of the TFC), we're glad to see you've moved on to anonymous commenting.

We've read on other sites where Miss Manning contends that she's "a big girl" and "can take care of herself."

Of course she is. It's easy to take care of yourself when the rest of the world handles you with kid gloves.


12:42 PM

Blogger Laurin Manning said...

*Furthermore, I'm quite sure that that Mrs. Floyd wouldn't want someone finger-pointing on her behalf without any better proof than unsubstantiated speculation.

Sorry the the typo!

12:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From today's AP:

"You're still going to have 95 percent of your children in public schools, and that's what we've got to deal with," Staton said. "In the areas of the greatest need there are no choices in terms of private schools in many instances."

This is exactly what is wrong with Staton - saying that the failed system must be maintained at all costs. No Bob, 95% of them should not be in public schools because that is the very system failing them.

12:54 PM


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