Saturday, April 08, 2006

Family Values?

In a Terry Sullivan-esque flipout, FITS has learned that candidate for State Treasurer Greg Ryberg and his wife, Betty Ryberg, stone cold "lost it" earlier today at the State Republican Convention.

The family values-preaching couple (shown left, demonstrating those family values), were evidently quite upset following some remarks made by Easley's Jeff Willis, another candidate for Treasurer. At the conclusion of Willis' remarks, both Rybergs reportedly demonstrated their heated displeasure in no uncertain terms.

Witnesses say it all started shortly after Willis followed former House Majority Leader Rick Quinn, former U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel and Ryberg himself on the podium during the "candidate speeches" segment of the convention program. During his speech, Willis criticized Ryberg's record-setting $2 million donation to his own campaign, saying he didn't think candidates should so overtly attempt to "buy an office" because it would end up making the voters cynical. He went on to say that if he had two million dollars, he would start a foundation to build houses for homeless veterans.

Willis then proceeded to enlist the support of convention-goers in this new effort.

Evidently unsupportive of the Willis plan, however, was Mrs. Ryberg, whom several witnesses say grabbed the candidate by the arm and refused to surrender her iron grip on him until she had given him a stern piece of her mind.

At one point in her tirade, Mrs. Ryberg is reported to have told Willis that what he was doing "played right into Rick Quinn's hands."

Meanwhile, across the room, a beet red Senator Ryberg was frantically waving his hands in the air, attempting to get the attention of his campaign manager, Terry Sullivan.

It's no secret that both Rybergs are aggressive people, often angrily so. It's also no secret they've both got a little bit of a problem with "potty mouth."

But physically grabbing another candidate? In a public setting like the State Convention? Isn't that a little over the top?

Fortunately for Willis, he did not attempt to physically maneuver around Mrs. Ryberg at any point during the episode, nor did he do anything to attempt loosening her grip on his arm.

As we all know in South Carolina politics, that's when people start conveniently losing their balance and mysteriously flying toward the nearest piece of furniture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's called YANKEES.

2:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It could have been worse Will, somebody could have gotten pushed into furniture or something. Seriously, get a life dude.

2:45 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Wesley,

We'll be sure to pass along your advice to sic Willie. In the meantime, keep those cards and letters coming.


2:51 PM

Blogger Free Carolina said...

What crap!

I can't believe that the great Will Folks is going to shill for a Shealy candidate by running down Ryberg.

Buy an office? Who are we kidding, all the sorry sacks in the Sphere were predicting the high price of entrance last week just because Ravenel got in the race.

Nowe, Ryberg whips it out first and he's trying to buy an office.

It's like being in Irmo or Easley somehow makes you inherently more qualified to count nickels in this state.

I wouldn't let most of the candidates (or elected officials for that matter) in this race be the banker in a game of Monopoly, but I think Ryberg would be one of them.

4:28 PM

Anonymous TheGRHudson said...

This is one of the most pathetic things I've read in a long time. Why don't you try to help Quinn in a more constructive way, such as talking him up or helping him raise $$$? Trying to spread these rumors on blogs is silly.

Also, I was there to see their conversation, and no such thing occurred.

I know the Quinn campaign is desparate (thus the "Terry Sullivan yelled at me" episode months ago) but can't you find a more mature way to support your guy?

4:37 PM

Blogger Earl Capps said...

just when we thought this was gonna be a ho-hum primary season. speeding candidates one week and feuds at the state convention the next - WOW!

wonder what they're gonna do for us next week?

10:53 AM

Anonymous Wally Byam said...

For writing this cute little column Will, just what little paycheck did you get since you aren't officially on either the Quinn or Cahaly payroll? If it is Quinn's do you get 5 all you can drink vouchers at the back porch that includes dinner from the roach coach? If it is Cahaly do you get 20 all expense dinners (your choice from Ryan's megabar or the chinese buffet)? Get a life man!

11:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

obviously will hit a nerve with the T Sullivan morons.

1:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "T. Sullivan morons" seem to possess quite a few NERVES!

2:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was there no outrage over Campbell putting up $500K for the meaningless Lt. Gov. job? Maybe he should have given that money to Jeff Willis' "veterans" fund.

4:08 PM


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