Friday, April 28, 2006

Here to Stay

Kudos to Charleston Post and Courier reporter/columnist John Frank for the bang-up job he did in this morning's paper on the Morton Brilliant-Wikipedia scandal first reported on this side of the Savannah River by one of our very own roving Stilettos.

In case you missed it, Morton Brilliant, spokesman for former S.C. Governor Jim Hodges, was fired from the top slot of a Georgia gubernatorial campaign this week after posting negative information about an opposing candidate on Wikipedia's free, online encyclopedia. In addition to his terminable offense, Brilliant was also busted posting disparaging commentary about current S.C. Governor Mark Sanford.

Frank -- who probably owed all of us a good story after sucking at the status quo teet in a recent article on 501 (c) 4's -- proved again with this morning's content why he is one of the region's best political writers, taking a seemingly convoluted, insider story and making it everyday relevant and tantalizingly foreboding.

The bottom line of Frank's story? Blogs and other web-based forms of political communication are here to stay, and what happens on their pages is real news with real consequences.

Wise politicians are already taking note of electronic media's rise, and Brilliant scandal's is only the latest evidence of why they should be.


It turns out the SCGOP was a little upset with FITS yesterday for bursting their bubble on the big 2007 Presidential Primary debate scheduled for next May in Columbia.

SCGOP Executive Director Scott Malyerck himself apparently got all bent out of shape, calling out at least two individuals he felt were responsible for "leaking" the news to FITS.

Well Scott, you were wrong on both counts, but we'll mail you and Tweedle Dum (J.W. Ragley) some chill pills just in case. Maybe Sic Willie can even send you the number for that anger management class he just finished!


Blogger Donkey Cons said...

We're all over it, Faith!

3:45 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

No doubt ... You guys even got the headline right!

Way to go Donkey Cons ...


4:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

who will air it nationally???

4:11 PM


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