Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ryberg Pumps $2 Million into Campaign ... for Treasurer?

We're not kidding ... his head really is that big. Just look at the signs plastered everywhere alongside South Carolina's roadways.

We're also not kidding when we tell you that State Sen. Greg Ryberg (right, all over your screen) of Aiken has just pumped $2 million of his own money into the South Carolina Treasurer's race according to documents filed with the State Ethics Commission.

$2 million? For a Treasurer's race?

And we could just be getting warmed up.

With fellow multi-millionare Thomas Ravenel also in the race, don't be surprised if we witness a "I'll see your two million and raise you two million" situation developing here.

Seriously, guys, this is the Treasurer's race - not the governor's race. And you're supposed to run for the office, not buy it.

Oddly enough, the real winners in this brewing spendfest (other than the high-priced numbskulls getting paid exorbitant retainers by the Ryberg and Ravenel campaigns) could end up being incumbent Treasurer Grady Patterson and former House Majority Leader Rick Quinn, provided they are able to stoke and then capitalize on voter disgust at these ludicrous sums of money being thrown at a downballot Constitutional office.

Whatever happens, count on FITS to keep you up to speed on all the latest developments in this unprecedented contest for a non-gubernatorial statewide office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Will, what it means is that we will be able to put up so much television against your fat ass friend Rick Quinn that he won't know what hit him.

To "stoke" anything you have to have money to stoke it with, remember?

That is the only reason your fairy boy friend Sanford is governor right now and not a true southern gentleman like Bob Peeler who would have got things done.

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Rick is finished, but Peeler as a "true southern gentleman?"... are we talking about the same guy who was sleeping with his neighbor?! Sounds like a real "gentleman" to me!

9:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, Bob Peeler is intimidating...just ask that P.I.

9:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will, I think you were still in High School at the time, or maybe you were doing keg hits at your first round of freshmen fraternity rush parties then in 1994, but your diety Mark Sanford plopped in 450k of his own jack to squash the GOP opposition to win the primary.

He then relied on donors and the RNCC to flush his coffers to fight Robert Barber to win the 1st district.

The ads were really cute: he was a sweaty jogger running to Washington on the beach telling us going to make change happen.

10:23 PM

Anonymous Med-rare ribeye said...

Will...strange. You argue the merits of grassroots activity vs. large sums of money, yet you continuously say that Sanford will destroy Lovelace, who is running an exceptionaly good grassroots campaign given the circumstances.

Although anon above argues in a disturbing and un"gentleman"ly fashion, he does have a point. Sanford did beat Bob Peeler, the best grassroots campaign in SC history, because of lots of money and better tv ads featuring his good looking wife and cute kids. And there was that Carroll Campbell commercial that didnt hurt.

Do your arguements always contradict each other based on who your friends are at the moment?

Please know that I'm not being a smartazz here, I'm asking in a serious manner.

7:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How on earth does this help Rick? I do know if he had the money, he'd spend it at the Back Porch.

9:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of Southern, isnt Ryberg from Wisconsin. He looks like a child molester from Wisconsin, and sounds like he hails from cheese country. Maybe those signs with his scary mugshot weren't the best idea, and unless you have some damn good hollywood producers, I don't think that face will do much good all over TV.

10:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Peeler were governor we wouldn't have a First Lady would we?

1:22 PM

Anonymous Not in High School in 94 said...

Anon #4 is spinning quite a story on the 1994 1st District primary. Only Paul Adams has the combination of 1st District lore and misspellings to pull off that post.

Yeah, Sanford dropped about $50K (NOT 450K!) in the GOP primary. I would hardly call it mere "opposition" when you have Bob Harrell, Sr., one of those damn Jenrettes, and Van Hipp, the youngest GOP Chairman in State History running against you.

Hipp actually got Dick Armey and Jack Kemp, back when he was still relevant, to come down and campaign for him. Hipp should have blown him out of the water!

What happened?

Well, if you watched the 2002 GOP primary for Governor, you saw it. Hipp turned extremely negative, Sanford stayed focus on the positive message.

It does not change the fact that he waxed Barber in the General and did not see another Democratic opponent in the TWO following election cycles. His unfortunate heir (the Shealy candidate) cannot say the same.

Yes, Paul, Sanford's self-contribution is like the fish that got away. The more you tell the story, the bigger it gets.

Check his filings, he even repaid that small loan and had a cool half-mil on hand for the Governor's race.

You know how much he loaned his campaign in the 2002 cycle. Nada! Zero! Zip! Zilch!

Try again.

5:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I really to believe that this here blogg is run by Will "The Thrill" Folks?

5:50 PM

Anonymous LT said...

Behind Furman University in Greenville on Hwy 25, someone with black paint has added a Hitler like mustashe to Ryberg's picture on his campaign poster. Someone from the Ryberg campaign should take it down.

8:49 PM


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