Thursday, April 27, 2006

SCGOP to Announce Presidential Primary Debate

It's actually on to 2008, not 1968, but we thought the retro fighting elephant (pictured left) was too cool not to post ...

And here's why it's an appropriate image for today ...

According to sources close to the South Carolina Republican Party, State Chairman Katon Dawson will announce next week that a 2008 GOP Presidential Debate has been scheduled for May 2007 right here in Columbia, S.C., ground zero for the nation's "First-in-the-South" Presidential Primary.

Sources tell FITS the debate will be held at the new Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in the city's historic downtown Vista District and will be televised nationally.

South Carolina is no stranger to brutal Presidential primary debates, having hosted perhaps the nation's nastiest ever back in February of 2000. Then, former Texas Governor and eventual nominee George W. Bush squared off against Arizona Senator John McCain in a heated back-and-forth that focused almost exclusively on negative attacks being launched by both campaigns. While the two candidates have to some extent moved on, the wounds from that contentious primary have yet to fully heal in South Carolina political circles.

McCain will probably be back for the May 2007 debate in Columbia, where he is likely to be joined by Virginia Sen. George Allen, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, New York Gov. George Pataki, Tennessee Sen. Bill Frist and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, among others.

Allen and Romney have been tripping over themselves in recent South Carolina visits attempting to appeal to the party's social conservative base, while Pataki, a fiscal conservative who just yesterday was praised in a press release from Gov. Mark Sanford's office, is said to be very close to establishing a Palmetto presence.

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