Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sic Willie Busted Parking in Handicapped Spot

Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer isn't the only bad boy making news with his vehicular misadventures these days ...

It turns out one of FITS founding members and regular contributors, our favorite bad boy Sic Willie, also seems to think he's above the law when it comes to flaunting his ride.

According to multiple sources and photographic evidence obtained exclusively by FITS, our favorite bad boy pulled an E.W. Cromartie early Saturday morning when he illegally parked his phat Pimpfiniti Q45 in a handicapped space on Park Street.

The above photo, taken by FITS staffer Becca D. at 1:18 a.m. on Saturday morning, clearly shows Sic Willie's black 1997 Q45 (complete with "Sportsmen for Sanford" sticker) parked directly in front of a handicapped sign outside at the corner of Park and Gervais streets. Late Friday afternoon, the State Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed to FITS that the license plate on the car in fact belongs to Sic Willie.

Making matters worse, a closer inspection of the vehicle revealed that sic Willie had placed a red and white "Clergy" card (similar to the one used by Chevy Chase in the movie Fletch) on his dashboard in an effort to fool authorities into thinking he was a minister using the parking spot for official church business.

We trust Mayor Bob and the appropriate authorities will fine Sic Willie the full $200 for this flagrant (and now indisputably documented) violation of the law.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great picture Becca D.

5:03 PM

Anonymous a friend a.k.a. mongoose said...


Rebecca Dulin didn't take that picture. Seriously. This is all Will Folks trying to stir things up again.

You people are so stupid.

5:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever. It is still a great picture whoever took it. Very ironice.

He definitely should get a ticket though.

5:18 PM

Anonymous bill dunleavy said...

I have known Mr. Folks for a long time going back to Sullivans Island and the 2002 Mark Sanford for Governor campaign. At no time did I believe for one second that he was guilty of criminal domestic violence even when he pleaded guilty to that crime. Nor do I believe so today.

There are those here who have told me that Mr. Folks is a "monster." That is not the Will Folks that my family and I knew.

Mr. Folks, if you read this site and remember me I am writing to you on this Easter Sunday to wish you well and tell you plenty of us in the old neighborhood pulling for you. Godspeed- Bill

2:57 PM

Blogger STR said...

Sic Willie,
Would it be okay first if I get my dad to propose a bill early Tuesday morning in the Senate that will strengthen the penalty for illegal handicapp parkers such as yourself? Then we go get Mayor Bob and the calvary to do a full fledge investigation? By the way, when would you like your rematch in Darts at Publik House?

6:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't tell me the Maple Leafs have lost the Cup...

10:02 PM


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