Friday, April 14, 2006


Sure, Sic Willie (left) is a part-time contributor to this blog. Everybody's gotta know that by now, right?

In fact, as one senior Sanford administration official recently noted, the ship signifying Sic Willie's involvement with FaithintheSound has not only sailed, "it's half way around the world by now."

Why is it, though, that almost every subject we write on (whether Will Folks penned the article or not) ends up spawning a veritable Niagra Falls of Sic Willie-related comments or penis envy blogs written by Gervais S. Bridges?

Seriously, we write about the Lieutenant Governor's concerns on international trade agreements and end up with the "Will Folks Enquirer" page on our hands.

In the next few weeks, FITS will be leaving our fine digs here at Blogger and opening up our own little corner of the world wide web. It'll be like a lot like CNN, FOX News or the Wyethwire ... except on crack rock.

And no matter how trendy and charming our new digs are shaping up to be, anybody and everybody with a functioning keyboard will continue to be able to vent your spleen (anonymously or otherwise) on Sic Willie or any other subjects that happen to be on your mind ...

... just know that when commenting on this or any blog, our little Will is a lot like "Mikey" from those '70's cereal commercials. When you write about him, "He likes it."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

penis envy and gervais s. bridges is funny

4:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

palmetto voice is also ripping Will Folks today

2:59 PM

Anonymous Palmetto Voice said...

Thanks for the head nod, anon. We wonder what Mr. Folks would do if we offered up his boss/friend to the front pages, ie. Rick Quinn fight, unless he shut his one-sided trap.

Would he close his fat mouth to save his friend from some eyewitness reports?

Just something we are toying with... Stay tuned.

9:28 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Palmetto Voice,

It's Easter Sunday, friend. Can you give it a rest?

We think we speak for everybody when we say that nobody wants to hear your garbage today.

Have a Happy Easter and do what you gotta do on Monday, bo.


11:48 PM


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