Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Grady, Signs Kick it Old-School

FITS couldn't help but notice this 1970's-style, disco-suave Grady Patterson campaign sign as we were driving down Two Notch Road this morning with the newest FITS girl, Princess F.

Check it out, though (above). Just looking at it kinda makes you wanna throw on something with sequins and shake your moneymaker to Gloria Gaynor, doesn't it?

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified/ I thought I couldn't stand without Trav by my side/ Now I've got all these votes to give/ and all this taxpayer cash to spend/ Did you think I'd crumble/ Did you think I'd lay down and resign? No Not I/ I will surive/ As long as Trav knows how to nod/ I know my vote's alive ..."

Anyway, if Grady Patterson (a.k.a. Old Man Winter, Grandpa Simpson, Poor Man's Strom, Methuselah) is the 2006 statewide candidate that time forgot, then his signs aren't doing anything to dispel the notion that, at 82, he really shouldn't be running for another four-year term.

Honestly, Grady. Are these the same cool and groovy signs you had the first time you ran for State Treasurer? Back in 1966?

Now we don't want to be too tough on someone who is, by all accounts, an incredibly fine family man and an Elder in his church, not to mention a World War II and Korean War fighter pilot (COOL!).

In fact, outside of Strom Thurmond and Ernest Hollings, it's tough to find anybody who's given as much back to the people of our state as this small-town hero from Abbeville, S.C.

Your legacy is secure, Mr. Treasurer. In fact, it's as unassailable as the courage you showed time and time again in defending our country and as unimpeachable as the integrity with which you've advanced what you believed to be right as our Treasurer.

Having said that, sir - all joking aside and with all due respect - it's time for you to go home now and get some well-deserved rest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but what would Mr. Trav do with his truck if Grady gave up the 80lb signs...maybe get a Prius..or a Mini Me Cooper

3:41 PM


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