Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hard to Starboard

We here at FITS have always liked State Rep. Ralph Norman. After all, he's one of Gov. Mark Sanford's "Taxpayer Heroes," a rare, genuine fiscal conservative in a sea of big-spending Columbia RINOs.

That's why we were so excited, initially at least, when Norman announced last October that he would challenge incumbent Democrat John Spratt for the U.S. Congress. He seemed just the kind of small government, lower tax-candidate that was needed to oust one of D.C.'s most powerful Democratic insiders.

Of course, we had no way of knowing at the time that Norman would end up associating his campaign with one of the sleaziest political goon squads the state of South Carolina has ever seen. We also had no way of knowing that this ethically-challenged outfit would pull an Armstrong Williams, essentially paying off an ostensibly "unbiased" journalist to write favorable content about Norman's chances.

Thanks to some intrepid reporting from the Queen of the S.C. Blogosphere, however, we now know the truth, a little something the folks over at Starboard Communications (pictured above) are apparently still having at little problem owning up to.

"It's the lie that gets you," Richard Nixon once boasted after nailing Alger Hiss on perjury charges in 1950. Of course it was the lie that ultimately got Nixon, too.

Not surprisingly, Starboard's President, Walter Whetsell, has a history of this kind of shadiness.

It was Whetsell who was famously busted in the 2002 GOP gubernatorial runoff after creating a fictitious group for the purpose of sending a false and inflammatory mail piece attacking Gov. Mark Sanford's conservative credentials, part of a secretive last-ditch effort by former Lt. Gov. Bob Peeler's campaign to thwart Sanford's GOP primary momentum.

It was the lie that got Starboard back then, too.

Sanford's campaign was able to link the Whetsell mailing back to Peeler and the whole scam blew up in their faces.

But begging the larger question, Mark Sanford? A liberal? On what planet does that hold true?

Kind of makes you wonder how Whetsell & Co. expect to be taken seriously when they call John Spratt a "Nancy Pelosi liberal." That may in fact be true, but this is a crew that has cried wolf one too many times.

Tragically, Ralph Norman has gravitated to these gutter-dwellers and let a White House with a 30% approval rating dictate his campaign strategy. No wonder recent polls show him getting his rear end handed to him in the 5th District, in spite of the "momentum" that Town Hall columnists are being paid to tell you his campaign is enjoying.

Wise up, Ralph. You're better than this.

You need to be plowing full-speed ahead into the challenges facing your district with a positive, issues-based campaign that the voters can be proud of, not trying to skirt around them with cookie-cutter political goonsmanship.

Just remember where "Hard to Starboard" got Titanic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starboard has a much better win-loss record than your boys at RQ&A.

4:04 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anonymous,

Really? That's great. But pray tell, what's their win-loss versus Sic Willie?

Oh that's right, 0-2. With a bullet.

Thanks for commenting, though, and we hope you enjoyed your service.


3:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pray tell, what's the win-loss record between Sic Willie and Ashley Smith?

1-0. The win goes to Sic Willie by knockout.

4:07 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anonymous,

Were your brain any larger than a walnut, you'd be figuring out ways to help get Ralph Norman elected - or at the very least justifying why he should keep these bozos on the payroll - not attacking Will Folks.

But like so many of the Cro-Magnon Will-haters out there, your brain isn't any larger than a walnut, which forces you to "run home to momma" and pull the CDV card everytime you get served by somebody smarter than you.

No wonder John Spratt's beating ya'lls asses like you stole somethin'.

Like we told you punk a-- b---ches earlier, don't hate the player, hate the fact you can't play the game at the same level he does.

Thanks for (once again) proving our point and we hope you enjoyed your service.


6:37 PM

Anonymous US Magazine said...

Figured since this has turned into gossip central. I heard Will & Ashley were
reconciling...anyone,anyone ?

12:30 PM

Anonymous a friend said...


You're 3 weeks behind in the Capital City political gossip. Will and Ashley have made peace and moved on. Time for everyone else to do so too. It wasn't our business in the first place.

12:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well that is just great friend (Will). How long till you start beating her up again?

1:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure they are reconciling nicely in Will's sick and twisted mind. But whay do you expect from a guy pretending to be different women in the media and writes anonymous complements about himself including that one. There is no way that rumor is true in a million years no matter how desperate Will Folks is to spread it to revive his dead political career. It is not a surprise though because Miss Smith is a class act and will not likely respond to it but we all know what Will Folks is up to. Nice try Will. The only way that rumor is true is if your ex is as crazy as you spend every waking hour tryign to make every one believe she is.

2:03 PM

Anonymous a friend said...

I'm not Will, but I am a friend of both Will and Ashley. They're adult enough to get past all of this and have done so. They, along with their friends and families, would appreciate it if you people would shut up and find new victims for your endless cheap shots.

2:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At issue is whether or not Rep. Norman's campaign is benefitting from the negative tactics of Starboard communications.

I agree with "friend." Can we get back on discussion here?

4:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Negative campaigning is in the eye of the beholder. All the consultants have been accused of it, and all of them will be accused of it again. This isn't some earth-shattering revelation Sic.

PS - The service and staff suck here.

6:53 PM


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