Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Harrell: Mayor Nickname Not So Bad

FITS got a rare treat last night, some face time with the main man himself, House Speaker Bobby Harrell.

As much as we criticize the "Mayor of Importantville" for his big spending, anti-school choice ways, we have to admit that the guy is a great sport and one of the most personable, intelligent and (according to Heather S., at least) "very easy on the eyes" people we've ever come across.

Bobby also believes passionately in what he's doing, and despite the fact that we disagree with him as to how we get there, we have no doubt that he wants South Carolina to succeed and move forward just like we do.

The Speaker shared a number of things with us "off the blog" yesterday evening, but one thing we felt worth mentioning was that he actually likes his "Mayor of Importantville" nickname.

"Yeah, I don't mind that one at all," the Speaker told FITS. "It's the newest nickname I've heard about that I don't particularly care for."

Actually, we agree with Bobby that our little "Superintendent of Stupid" reference a few weeks back was probably a wee bit over the top. So from here on out, Mr. Speaker, you can call us the "Superintendents of Sorry, Dude."

Anyway, props to Bobby Harrell for being such a class act and a good sport last night.


Gov. Mark Sanford has a 62% approval rating according to new polling information obtained by FITS. The highly-classified internal poll was conducted just last week by a top Washington, D.C. firm, one with a history of accuracy presaging electoral results.

Our source refused to provide any additional information on Sanford's head-to-head numbers against Democratic candidates Tommy Moore and Frank Willis, but a 62% approval rating meshes with recent Rasmussen polling information showing Sanford with a 20-point or higher lead over either opponent.


Some stitches and a broken ankle notwithstanding, Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is no worse for the wear after his harrowing aviation ordeal in Cherokee County yesterday afternoon. The Lite Gov and a passenger, John M. Leonhardt of Columbia, both managed to escape serious injury after Bauer's Mooney M20-E went down in flames shortly after takeoff.

Thanks to everybody who joined us in offering up a prayer for Andre and his friend's safety and we'll keep rooting for him to make a full and speedy recovery.

Of course, we'd be remiss not to mention we're praying for Mike Campbell, too.


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Will, YOU are now the official Harrell ball-bearer.

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