Monday, June 26, 2006

Gervais S. Bridges' New Man-Crush

It's true ...

In case you haven't visited Barbecue and Politics lately, the saucy Gervais S. Bridges (a.k.a. Ross Shealy) appears to have dropped his man-crush on Will Folks in exchange for a new obession with libertarian extraordinaire and big-money school choice donor Howie Rich.

A crestfallen Sic Willie was overheard this morning complaining about the six consecutive posts Shealy has devoted to "exposing" Rich as, well, a staunch supporter of school choice who likes to put his millions where his mouth is.

Never minding where Mr. Shealy's mouth has been, apparently Sic Willie, who is clinically diagnosed with "Look at Me Syndrome," felt that six straight posts in a row was a bit much.

"He hasn't run my mug shot in months," Folks said.


The FITS mailbag is literally bursting at the seams from our little blog the other day on Horry County Republican diva Katherine Jenerette. In addition to generating a lot of political commentary (and a tinge of jealousy in some circles), we've had more than a few requests for additional pictures of the striking Gulf War vet who nearly ousted longtime status quo Senator Dick Elliot back in 2004.

FITS has since learned that Elliot is not planning on seeking re-election in 2008, and that Rep. Tracy Edge is currently not inclined to take on Jenerette for the GOP nomination.

Some say an immensely popular Democrat is considering a run for the seat, which we'll have more on in the coming days ...

At any rate, stay tuned for what is obviously going to be one incredibly hot State Senate race.


Another top query in the FITS mailbag this week has been the identity of FITS girl Heather S., who believe it or not exists in flesh and blood as opposed to merely being a figment bouncing around the spacious confines of Will Folks' head.

Many say she's House Judiciary hottie Heather Smith, who burst on the scene with a suprising No. 2 appearance on the entirely professional and non-demeaning "Babies with Back" list.

As much as Sic Willie would probably do anything in his inconsiderable power to make that true, it's probably past time we let Ms. Smith off the hook - it's not her.

But keep guessing ...


This week look for an article on the "new" Back Porch on Gervais, the downtown restaurant/bar that might as well have been a candidate for election this year given the unmitigated scorn it received at the hands of Warren-Tompkins-wanna-be and T-Rav blasphemer Terry Sullivan.

Hell, thanks to Sullivan, the place has actually been in Lee Bandy's column ... twice.

Politics aside, the Porch has undergone some major changes in recent months, with a new chef, menu and staff representing just the tip of the iceberg.

FITS will dish the N.Y.-style review and let you see for yourself just what we're talking about ...


Blogger NeverEnough said...

Still reading...

2:03 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will looks like your beach trip was well needed. Good to see that you're back to piss some people off. By the way what were you doing in that hammock Friday night? Sure was hot in the upstate that night.

3:02 PM

Anonymous Horry Gop Activist said...

Those active in Horry politics know that Tracy Edge will run for the Senate in 2008 and and this has Elliott thinking about retiring. Edge has been quiet about his intentions for some time but must wait until after this November's election. The quote "Edge is not inclined to take on Jenerette" is very funny. The Edge family is revered in these parts and both Tracy and his brother Robert (elected as a Republican since 1982, longest serving Republican in Horry) have a wealth of support and are both very popular. Trust this ole lady in Horry, Edge does not have to fear Katherine Jenerette. She has ran for so many offices that no one takes her serious any more. She did good against Elliott but did so because of coattails and straight ticket voting. However she was the only Republican in the County to lose. Yes, we all know the excuses, (Sun News mix up, no money, ect}. If she were so strong why did she do so bad in a City Council race months ago. Anyway the point is that Katherine will not get her wish for Edge not to run. Some say Worley or Hatley will run too. Doesn't matter though cause Edge has the support of the Horry GOP and a huge network of volunteers and should win. But anything can happen!

5:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sense a little Gervais-envy.

Will, if you're going to take shots, make them humorous. (At least Gervais' are funny.)

9:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you an employee of Rick's at the Back (door) Porch or do y'all just live together? The sooner you drop RQA the better off you'll be.

9:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you talking about. sic willie is ten times funnier than ross shealy. the horny hurricane? all the top tens and funny lists? don't get me wrong i still would not trust will folks further than i could throw him but he is very very funny.

8:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless you've been under a rock for the last six months, you would know that Gervais is so much more hilarious than this fool. Will, are we just a tad bit jealous?

10:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horry Gop Activist said...
Trust this ole lady in Horry, Edge does not have to fear Katherine Jenerette. She has ran for so many offices that no one takes her serious any more.

Katherine Jenerette has only ran in ONE general election as a partisan candidate, the SENATE 2004 race, and she won HORRY COUNTY against SENATOR ELLIOTT, the most senior member of the Horry County legislative delegation...that's pretty serious numbers for any incumbent.
(FACT: the primary for schoolboard race was ran right after Jenerette graduated from college at USC...not a bad way to get your feet wet for a young REPUBLICAN. And for the non-partisan city council race; she was drafted at the last minute for other reasons 'best' left unsaid at this time, yet managed to garner more votes than the former City Mayor who ran for the same at large seat...)

NOTE: Why do I get this feeling that you either secretly admire Katherine Jenerette or are just a plain bit 'old shriveled up bi%$tc&% jealous'...and wish you had her resume...?

Horry Gop Activist said...
She did good against Elliott but did so because of coattails and straight ticket voting.

By your rationale, every REPUBLICAN in Horry County in the 2004 election rode coattails to win? If that logic is followed, Nelson Hardwick, Ray Cleary, Tracy Edge, Luke Rankin and any other person with an (R) behind their name rode coattails...hmmmm, that would have to include DEMOCRAT Dick Elliott, who was listed as an (R) like Former DEMOCRAT Luke Rankin!

Please, Republican lady...you are on one side of this SENATE 2008 race and many of us in Horry are on Jenerette's side.

Katherine Jenerette has been in Horry county politics since she got back from the Persian Gulf War; she doesn't seem to be the type to take anything for granted and has shown that she can take a punch and jump back up into the fight...

You know this should be an interesting race...Edge, Worley or Hatley, et. al; or do you really believe that Katherine Jenerette should just drop out now?

Your ball...

10:22 AM

Anonymous A Friend said...

What Sic Willie doesn't mention about his "war hero hottie" is that she also ran for City Council last year where she received a whopping 12%. (Kudos, Horry GOP Activist!)

You see, our boy Willie only touted the 38% over Elliott. Could it be that that large number was only because it was a Pres election year and that a lot of people voted straight ticket?

Just a thought, O' Sic one.


10:46 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anonymouses,

All we can say is the multiple and passionate exchanges our little post on Ms. Jenerette has generated only serves to validate our original argument, specifically that hers is a star on the rise in SC politics.

Incidentally, we think Rep. Edge running for this seat in 2008 would make for a great contest of ideas. Billboards anyone?

Also, we are very interested to determine the identity of the "secret superstar democrat" who is rumored to be ready to step up and fill Elliot's shoes in the general election.

All in all, Ms. Jenerette must be happy that her prospective candidacy has fueled such a plethora of reaction.


11:02 AM

Blogger SCPolitico said...

The Backporch is back big-time, the filet is highly recommended.

1:26 PM


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