Friday, June 02, 2006

Governors Pataki, Sanford Getting Their Bog On in Horry

Not one, but two of America's most fiscally-conservative governors will be in Horry County this evening for the 12th Annual Elephant Stampede "Bog-off," an event sponsored each year by the Myrtle Beach Republican Women.

Joining our own Gov. Mark Sanford will be New York Gov. George Pataki, a possible 2008 GOP Presidential contender, as well as a veritable slew of other statewide and local candidates.

Pataki, who has yet to say definitively whether he's running for President or not, has nonetheless developed potent grassroot networks in early decision states like Iowa and New Hampshire. Tonight marks his first major visit to the Palmetto State, a chance for him to size up our various "Chicken Bog" recipes while we in turn size up, well, him.

In addition to Pataki's visit, a straw poll will be taken at the event on statewide contests that organizers claim has correctly predicted the like, uh, winner, in like, uh, each race in like, uh, every year, like, since its inception over a decade ago, or like, something.

Of course, to find out who's really going to win, you'll have to wait for FITS "2006 Primary Endorsements and Prognostications," scheduled to be released next week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOw that is what we call a RINO party!!!!

5:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You failed to mention that Gov. Sanford's apponent, Dr. Lovelace received over 43% of the vote in the straw poll.
Secondly, Gov. Pataki was talking for a while about remembering those who died in the towers, but failed to explain that the project at ground zero has been targeted by many as an over the top pork barrel project. Not saying we should not honor those who died in the twin towers, but 100 million in taxpayer dollars does not sound fiscally conservative to me.

11:47 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anon-

Of course we failed to mention the straw poll results. In fact, it was a massive conspiracy caused by a devious variation in the space-time continuum, something that often occurs when you write something BEFORE an event actually takes place. But thank you for the update, we appreciate it.

As for your comments regarding Gov. Pataki, we'd say $100 billion in tax cuts, 600,000 new jobs and a million fewer welfare recipients since he took office constitutes a pretty fiscally conservative record.

Again, thanks for playing and we hope you enjoyed your service.


1:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear fits- you forgot to mention that former rod shealy candidate and oscar lovelace activist lois eargle organized this event. if lovelace can't even get 50% in a straw poll box stuffed by one of his biggest supporters he's in real trouble.

1:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Governor Pataki was quite well received. Governor Beasley gave him a stirring introduction and his speech was really poignant. He also shook hands with everyone and seemed to really like the retail side of politics. I was really impressed with him.

Can anyone tell me where I can learn more about his position on the issues?

10:10 PM

Anonymous Say What??? said...

So the real scoop would be, did Wilbur have any luck trying to get on board this B team presidential campaign??? Or did Christy Cox screw that up too. You can tell he's working it hard. I mean how man blogs have there been about Sen. Brownback's presidential prospects? Perhaps Wilbur could do for him what he did for Vince Ellison...

8:41 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear What???,

Sic Willie didn't attend the event. He doesn't like bog, particularly, and prefers the 10 piece 5 biscuit for $9.99 deal at Bojangles. That's Southern Style, we should add, and he has been known to add a picnic size mashed potatoes and gravy.

Sic Willie, incidentally, has also blogged on McCain, Allen, Romney, Huckabee and his personal favorite candidate for President, himself.

Enjoy your service,


10:17 AM


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