Thursday, June 01, 2006

Must See Web TV: Election Mania

We're sure King RINO's Bob Staton and Warren Tompkins will be more than a little upset when they finish their latest strategy session (left) and log onto "Election Mania," a product of the newest group giving voice to the great Silent Majority here in South Carolina, "Conservatives in Action."

Watch out RINOs. This site packs a punch.

It's got a killer "I Am A Real Republican" soundtrack, great flash art and scathing rebukes of big-spending RINOs like Staton and Reps. Becky Martin, Adam Taylor, Bill Cotty and others.

Be sure to put Election Mania and Conservatives in Action on your list of must see political sites today ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great sites. clever picture too.

2:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps a little hokie, but not as bad as my neighbors garden statues. At least other people realize the RINO threat that these guys are.

4:10 PM


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