Saturday, June 10, 2006

The New Palmetto Voice?

It's been a few weeks since an e-mail from Bob Staton campaign manager Mike Rentiers led to the identification of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson's lap dog, Preston Grisham, as the party responsible (or at least claiming responsibility) for the now-defunct Palmetto Voice website.

Our readers may remember Palmetto Voice as the blog that attempted to blackmail State Treasurer candidate Rick Quinn, on Easter Sunday no less.

Of course, anyone who's spent more than two seconds with Preston Grisham realizes that he isn't smart enough to walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone operate a computer and formulate a coherent sentence at the same time, so his recent teary-eyed admission that he "was used by other people" as it relates to the Palmetto Voice blog is plausible.

(And hey, Preston, just to show there are no hard feelings, we hyperlinked the word "plausible" to an online dictionary so you can look it up for yourself instead of having to ask Terry Sullivan).

But like an Elon Phoenix rising from the ashes, a new blog that looks remarkably similar to the original Palmetto Voice (not to mention the new Free Carolina) is picking up right where the Tompkins' wanna-be's left off.

Written under the clever nom de plume Rod S. Tompquinns, "Welcome to Consultantville," is already showing its adeptness at sliding things in - and then off - the radar.

When FITS was first forwarded a link to the site on Saturday afternoon, the blog's inaugural substantive post (a rant against Sic Willie alleging his receipt of improper campaign disbursements) included an unflattering reference to the Queen of the S.C. Blogosphere, Laurin Manning.

When we checked back literally a few seconds later, however, the reference to Miss Manning had been removed from the post.

Count on FITS to keep you up to speed on this and every new addition to the S.C. Blogosphere ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rising like an Elon Phoenix? You mean to say spreading like crab grass.

3:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dare we welcome Paul Adams back to the blogosphere? i think it is some one close to rod shelay because if you look close its name spells out:


5:42 PM

Anonymous Mr. Furious said...

Warmer, warmer.

The site does indeed look like Freak Carolina, which has gone dead since the TTS crowd was outed for yawping across the blogosphere.

One hopes that after Tuesday, they will be able to go back where they belong - at a drive-thru near you.


10:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Preston another victim of use at the hands of Terry Sullivan to win.

4:02 PM


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