Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Sine Die Party For You!

The list of casualties crashing the gates at this year's Lobbyist Sine Die Party (grainy image at left) was long and distinguished, kinda like Sic Willie's ... uh, well, nevermind.

Anyway, unless you were a card-carrying member of the Columbia Jokersquad (a.k.a. registered lobbyist), your chances of getting past Sara Hopper's velvet rope for this year's bash at the Back Porch on Gervais were zero, zip, zilch and nada, respectively.

In fact, FITS has learned that a number of big name S.C. political luminaries were denied entrance, including Sanford Co-Chief of Staff Tom Davis, Press Secretary Joel Sawyer, Senior Policy Advisor Scott English (twice), Associated Press reporter Jim Davenport and even resident Senate nice guy John Hazzard.

And what party would be complete without non-luminary (but RINO-herder extraordinaire) Wes Donohue skulking out in the parking lot, trying to decide whether to go inside or call somebody to come tear down those big Rick Quinn signs overlooking Gervais Street?

Yes, it was not a good night for most would-be partygoers, but because we go the extra mile on this blog, FITS had Maureen D. in the bushes, Deb N. in the sky, Laurie D. in the kitchen and Diane S. by the by, so naturally we got all the scoop - aside from the fact they all live in Will Folks' head.

In what is becoming a tradition, Sic Willie made the annual lobbyist song again this year, marking the second time in three years our favorite bad boy has been memorialized in its lyrics.

Watch out New England Patriots ... we got a dynasty on our hands!

In other news, well, a lot of people got incredibly drunk.

Long story short just remember, Ms. Hopper, you can never keep FITS past your velvet rope!

We are everywhere!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"FITS had Maureen D. in the bushes, Deb N. in the sky, Laurie D. in the kitchen and Diane S. by the by?"

So, stalking ashley again will?

11:21 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anon,



2:58 PM

Blogger Earl Capps said...

even me ... ?

10:13 PM


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