Wednesday, June 21, 2006

She Might Be Senator

She's the mother of four, a Gulf War military veteran, an accomplished athlete and a successful businesswoman ...

Oh, and did we mention, she's also a drop-dead hottie!

Honestly, what's not to like about Horry County political up-and-comer Katherine Jenerette?

An independent-thinking conservative who's not afraid to buck the status quo, Jenerette sent shockwaves through the Palmetto political landscape back in 2004, the year she nearly signed longtime good ole' boy Democratic Sen. Dick Elliot's retirement papers.

Now Elliot, a remarkably well-funded, well-heeled and well-connected Democrat who collects IOU's like Will Folks collects enemies, is suddenly thinking of switching parties a la Luke Rankin - deliberations you can bet your bottom dollar are a direct result of the unexpected Jenerette juggernaut.

After being outspent nearly 10-1 and written off by a State Republican Party who said she didn't "poll well," Jenerette put up a pretty accurate poll of her own, losing to Elliot in the general eletion by a scant 1,800-vote margin out of over 30,000 cast.

Can anybody say "girl got grassroots fo' yo' money?"

All of a sudden, Republican Senators who refused to support Jenerette because of backdoor deals they'd previously cut with Elliot were put on notice that they may have a problem come the next election cycle.

Which they do.

Despite Elliot's potential party-switcheroo and rumblings of a GOP primary challenge from Burroughs & Chapin lap dog Tracy Edge, Jenerette's made clear that she's running again in 2008. In fact, she published a half-page "voter participation" ad in the Myrtle Beach Sun News prior to this year's primary elections.

And why wouldn't she? The advantages a well-supported Jenerette would enjoy against either Elliot or Edge in 2008 are difficult to ignore.

First, she's got great name ID and a reputation for overachieving. Second, she's an outsider who isn't beholden to anybody in Columbia - whether it's the big government Bobby Harrell/ Hugh Leatherman RINO caucus or the fiscally-conservative, Reagan Republican Mark Sanford crowd. Third, Jenerette is an active member of various coastal planning commissions and a strong advocate for the construction of a Grand Strand regional airport, which in Columbia-speak means she's got a finger on the pulse of her district's hot button economic development issues.

Last but not least, Jenerette boasts an apple pie background rooted in three things every red-blooded American can appreciate - family, military and business.

In contrast, Elliot and Edge are consummate "Jokerville" insiders who - between the two of them - are in more people's pockets (and have more people in their pockets) than the street thieves in Dickens' Oliver Twist. In addition to their special interest slavishness and insider taint, neither Edge nor Elliot are particularly effective retail politicians, focusing instead on cloakroom dominance and bringing home the bacon to make their respective cases to the voters.

Obviously we're still a long way from 2008, and anything can happen. Edge hasn't even announced that he's running for the seat and Elliot hasn't switched parties ... yet.

But no matter what institutional forces may align against Katherine Jenerette in a second run for the State Senate, make no mistake that hers is a star on the rise in South Carolina politics.


Blogger Earl Capps said...

Agreed - she ran a darn good race two years ago, and in two years, we could be calling her "Senator".

If Elliott switches parties, that yellow-dog may shake off Edge, but you can bet that whether there's a D or an R next to his name, Jenerette will be one tough dog to shake.

As an academic exercise, it would be interesting to see what kind of shakeup a GOP Senator would bring on the Dillon and Marlboro legislative delegations, especially with the Election Commission and Magistrates.

8:41 AM

Anonymous abc said...


8:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if she's of the same Jenrette's that knocked the boots on the steps of D.C. memorials then that should count as bonus points. South Carolina...smiling faces, beautiful places.

10:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this does not have a clue about how this race would turn out. She got creamed in her latest in a long series of attempts for office (city council). Admittedly, Elliott is weak but she could never make it out of a primary whether its local Horry Councilman Harold Worley, NMB Mayor Marilyn Hatley, or Tracy Edge. They all can speak well, raise money, and are well respected. Jenerette would not be able to keep up with any of the three in any race. Maybe Will found a client in her to write that puffy peace.

6:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that Elliott beat her with a D the last time around, just think of the votes he will pick up with a R beside it this go round. And I don't think that she could beat Edge, if he decides to run because he will be supported by the locals that are both involved in Columbia and the outsiders as well. But hey she is a looker.

9:14 AM

Anonymous abc said...

Did some research. I like what I have read so far re this candidate.

10:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

not a client, will is probably just hooking up with her like he hooks up with Karen Floyd. talk about a homewrecker.

10:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'Official' Sun News Voters Guide called Elliott the REPUBLICAN in their Voters guide. He had the (R) behind his name! They called Jenerette the (D)....gotta wonder how many votes that last minute 'typo' cost her.

see: http://www.jenerette.com/

click on The South Carolina Boys Club Book Preview Link and read about that election.

1:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heard Tracy Edge was seriously considering getting into this race. Rumor from the coast is that he's been quietly working towards that goal, both in NMB and in Columbia. You've got to give the man more credit - he routinely wins his races by huge margins, while she hasn't won by any margins at all.

2:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaks for itself:

8:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Will when I hear the last name Jenrette, I think of all those things I wish I would have done back in the day when I worked at the State House.

9:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure why Willie refers to Tracy Edge as "lap dog". Is it because he is protective of property rights and is pro business? I thought that is what Republicans were suppose to believe. Edge has been one of the most ardent backers of the Sanford agenda. He has been the leader in the General Assembly on (a)school choice, (b)Sanfords medicaid waivor (when no one else would touch it), and (c) eminant domain. Jenerette will get waxed by him in a primary if Edge runs, and GOPers in Horry say he will run but must wait to announce after Nov. Willie must be trying to puff up Jenerette to get in his way. People in Horry know that the Jenerettes have run for office at least six times between them and can't win. They can't raise money and can't outcampaign Edge or even Elliott. People in Horry say there is at least one other potential candidate that could win. Bottom line is that Edge has a grass roots network of long time locals and newcomers that he effectively controls and will lead him to the Senate in 08.

12:48 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Well, well, well. Sure looks like "little Miss Jenerette" has stirred up a blogfull of commentary.

This is obviously going to be a "hot" race, and we here at FITS are just glad we happened to stumble on the "hot" candidate.

In all seriousness, it's pretty clear the good ole boy network doesn't like her - which we consider a HUGE plus mark in her column.

We also like that she isn't about personalities, she's about what she thinks would be in the best interests of the people she wants to represent. There's something about a babe who's willing to tell the Legislature and the governor to go stuff it if it goes against her principles.

We'd also like to point out there was more than a wee bit of jealousy from some of our female regulars regarding this post, and of course we all knew it wouldn't take long before somebody accused Sic Willie of homewrecking (again).

At any rate, keep those cards and letters coming!


2:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I know is if Folks tried any of his renowned "rough stuff" while attempting to wreck this vet's home Jenrette would put the middle aged politico in a serious death hold, Gulf War Style! I would vote for this woman if she ran as a communist!!

PS-Does anyone know if Jenrette is related to Former US Congressman John Jenrette?

4:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought will folks was like 30 or something. How old is he? his picture looks 30ish

5:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katherine Jenerette & John Jenrette are family...

5:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All one has to do is read Katherine Jenerette's web page at www.jenerette.com to see that Tracy EDGE does have a huge edge(no pun intended) on Jenerette if he decides to get into this Senate fight.

Without a doubt...EDGE should win this seat easily...

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has a little short resume which is simple and easy to read.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has never served a day in the military; let alone in the Persian Gulf war.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE never had the 'stuff' to take on incumbent Senator Dick Elliott(D) in an election race, and almost beat him.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has never had to spend only $1.93 per vote in a General Election for over 14,000 votes. He always needs more money to make up for his shortcomings.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has never been a US Congressional Field Representative for the Coastal Carolina area and worked in local, state and Federal levels of government.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has never had to fight the 'Good old Boys' network because he is controlled by them.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has never stood for North Myrtle Beach unless it was in his interest. For example, BEACH RENOURISHMENT against the Governor in 2005 as Jeneratte did in a well publicized OP-ED piece in the Sun News.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE never met a billboard bill he didn't like when it came to voting against the people of Horry County.

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, Tracy EDGE, has played it safe in politics and public service...

Unlike Katherine Jenerette, EDGE has never been a NCAA 'Big South' Conference athlete for USC Coastal Carolina University and has never been a college level instructor to our students of South Carolina.

To be sure, Republican, Katherine Jenerette has lost a General election before, but she only ran in one other general election! Like Abraham Lincoln, like Bill Clinton, like John Jenrette and so many other patriotic Americans who, after losing elections, eventually, with perseverance, were elected to office.

Public service to her district and the people of South Carolina seems to be in Katherine Jenerette's 'blood' and if the SENATE 2004 race is any indicator, it's hard to knock Katherine Jenerette down.

After all, EDGE is well, uhhh...Tracy EDGE.
It will be fun to see how EDGE stacks up against a real 'man' oops; 100% South Carolina 'woman' in the 2008 primary.

Fight, Footrace or anything you can think of...take off the gloves, boys, because Katherine Jenerette seems ready to rumble.

This is going to be an interesting race for the SENATE in 2008.

9:16 PM

Anonymous Horry GOP Party Officer said...

Oh, you mean that oped that ran after Edge, Elliott, and others had overridden the veto on beach sand money. Takes real leadership to join the fight after its won!

6:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see it now!! The campaign slogan will be "Vote for me cause I'm JOHN JENRETTE'S COUSIN". That will surely lead to Thousands of Republican votes!!

7:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoever is close to Katherine Jenerette should advise her to change her name, maybe?
From what I have read, Tracy Edge and some Horry County GOP officers supported DEMOCRAT Dick Elliott in return for 'favors' and were scared sick a week before the 2004 election because polls showed REPUBLICAN Jenerette in an excellent position to win. Also heard through the grapevine that EDGE was behind the poll.
I'm not sure why the Horry GOP official who posted the earlier comment would seem to stick up for Democrat Dick Elliott...can you spell, GOP BENEDICT ARNOLD?

5:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From my perspective; the best candidate the Republicans can get behind in 2008 to take on Elliott is Katherine Jenerette. She has already shown what she is made of.

Geesh, she won Horry County in 2004 and came within 1800 votes of 'knock-out' count on Democrat Elliott!

...and that only happened because of the Sun News Voter Guide calling Elliot a REPUBLICAN (R) hours before the election!

Why would the GOP take EDGE out of the house Way & Means committee, when they can have both the Senate and district 104 in the bag?

Is there more to this SENATE seat then meets the average eye?

I stll say, Jenerette is the best person the GOP could back in 2008...

6:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it is apparent the writer of this article has never ever had an indepth and serious converstation wtih Katherine Jenerette. Of course, no one else has either because she is only about one sentance deep. Seriously folks, her lack of depth would put her at a serious disadvantage in any debate. In addition, she's not a perennial loser having gotten absolutely clobbered in a local city council race. It's time for her to chop up her "Mr. Senator" signs and look after her family.

8:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it is apparent the writer of this article has never ever had an indepth and serious converstation wtih Katherine Jenerette. Of course, no one else has either because she is only about one sentance deep. Seriously folks, her lack of depth would put her at a serious disadvantage in any debate.

There must be two Katherine Jenerette's out there. Excerpts from her bio page seem to indicate she can clip more than one sentence together:
Among her numerous PUBLICATIONS and works in progress:
Jenerette, Katherine, “The NOTITIA DIGNITATUM: The Roman Empire’s Final Order of Battle from the Latin manuscript written during the 5th century A.D. about ROMAN ARMY MILITARY units and their deployment during the period of the late Roman Empire.”

Jenerette, Katherine, "Keynote speaker Horry County Veteran’s Memorial Dedication," Conway SC Veterans Day 2004
“Veterans’ sacrifice, and America’s debt to them.”

Jenerette, Katherine, "A Re-Examination of the Insignia of the Notitia Dignitatum," 2nd Annual Late Antiquity Symposium, University of South Carolina, May 1998.

Jenerette, Katherine, "Desert Storm Recollections," North Myrtle Beach Library System, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Spring 1997

MS - University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 1997

BA - University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina Campus, Conway, SC 1995

Post Graduate Studies in History - 1996-1998

Katherine Jenerette: More than just a pretty face.

Conversations do have two sides; even stupid conversations...

2:32 PM


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