Thursday, July 13, 2006

Breakfast at Billy's Back Home

From the barrier islands over to bustling Mount Pleasant, the FITS gals shook off their hangovers, tied up their brand new Espadrilles and ambled over to Billy's Back Home Restaurant for a little breakfast this morning ... and of course a peek over everyone's shoulder to see what newspaper articles were catching the locals' interest.

And while Sic Willie wouldn't shut up about a Burke Middle School story written by Post and Courier reporter-babe Diette Courrege, most folks seemed fixated on Lindsey Graham's latest display of political duplicity.

In fact, we think the front-page, above-the-fold headline in this morning's Charleston paper, "Faking Speeches Typical for Lawmakers," almost got it right. We'd have written, "Faking Anything Typical for Lindsey."

Oddly enough, nobody at Billy's Back Home seemed at all concerned about The State newspaper's front page, above-the-fold headline this morning on State Sen. Jakie Knotts, even when we showed it to them.

"Who's he?" said Marie, our waitress. "Boss Hogg?"

The State did feature a remarkably astute critique of the Knotts' candidacy by the Hotline's Jeffrey Sewell in this morning's opinion page, but FITS hears that once again D. Bradley Warthen and his "Up With People" brothers and sisters on the editorial board left a little something-something out of the original draft.

Hmmm ....


Of course the most interesting political news of the day was the fact that Sanford's former Co-Chief of Staff Tom Davis took to the road yesterday to poor-mouth Sen. Tommy Moore on ethics issues, vowing that "Operation Lost Trust" would play a "big" role in the 2006 campaign.

While we are sure there are any number of people within Sanford's organization who felt like this was a good idea, it wasn't.

Predictibly, Davis' multi-city tour became a "process story," one in which the media cared less about the substance of the allegations against the Democratic nominee and more about the fact that Sanford was attacking him, perceiving it not only as a sign of weakness but also as standing in stark contrast to the kind of positive, issues-based campaign the Sanford ran in 2002.

We could go on and on (and on) about this but here's the nickel tour: Dumb move, governor.


We've got two winners here, whoever wrote Ralph Norman's open letter to Congressman John Spratt about the controversial new DCCC ads and the party responsible for Rep. Lewis Vaughn's press announcement praising outgoing Sen. Verne Smith.

First, Ralph Norman. If there is a more pedantic, pathetic, pandering campaign for public office in the State of South Carolina, we sure as hell haven't seen it. The only thing more integrity-deficient than running ads exploiting the memory of fallen U.S. soldiers is trying to score political points by calling somebody else out for doing it.

In case you miss our point, both are examples of exploiting the memory of fallen U.S. soldiers for political purposes.

We had high hopes for the Norman campaign, we really did. And we like Ralph, we really, really do. He's a great fiscal conservative and would be a champion for the taxpayer in D.C. the same way he's been a champion for the taxpayer in Columbia. It's too bad he went out and hired the cookie-cutter GOP goon squad to run what otherwise could have been a credible campaign.

Speaking of cookie-cutter, next we have Rep. Lewis Vaughn's press release announcing his candidacy for the seat of departing Senate Democrat - er Republican - Verne Smith, a veritable tour de force of the English language that includes the following hard-hitting insights into the mind of the man:

"Making certain that the hard-working families of our communities continue to have proven, experienced leadership that gets results will be my top-priority. We need a leader who can deliver, and that’s precisely why I am running."

Again, we love Lewis Vaughn. He's great on school choice and tax cuts, but whoever wrote this meaningless drivel might as well have copied and pasted it from every other press release that every other candidate sends out from every other campaign. I'm sure Dan Hoover at the Greenville News was rubbing his eyes and yawning at least a little bit when he had to type that gem of a quote into his story yesterday.

Lewis is going to win the race, to be sure, but if he really wants to "deliver" something, he should start by sending his campaign manager a thesaurus and a copy of his stellar legislative voting record.

By the way the smoked sausage links at Billy's Back Home are downright deeee-lish! Try 'em with some eggs and grits next time you're headed Mount Pleasant way ...


Anonymous Tim said...

OK, at least you're mixing some political commentary in with your restaurant reviews. The first step is admitting you have a problem. I applaud your fortitude.

10:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's just let the DCCC have a free pass (they deserve it) The bigger point here is Spratt's relationship to the DCCC, Pelosi, and the other liberal leadership in Washington

2:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spratt asked the DCCC to pull down their disgusting ad after Norman called him out. Whoops, guess Willie isn't so smart after all.

11:03 PM

Anonymous Sam said...

So Will, when do you officially announce that you're on board the Pataki for President campaign? that is a pretty impressive catch.

And this is the part where you have your imaginary girlfriends respond and say they will ask you...

8:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's crazy-funny that you know the word "Espadrilles"!

9:35 AM

Anonymous Will Folks said...

dez u peep stain't wha? wha? bo i ta'int chew. usa messin' wit datsa fo noson usa foo. me fau moolaka koo. paysa, foo, paysa. ta'int u erd? seez dez peep ta'int i, ta'int i. shoo.

9:36 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Sen. Brownback,

OK, we'll play along.

We appreciate your interest in our favorite bad boy's political consulting career, and on your behalf we have sent him an e-mail inquiring as to the veracity of your claim.

Whenever Willie decides to wake up (1-ish, 2-ish, 3-ish) this afternoon and reply, we'll be sure to let you know.

Until then, we hear Jim Dyke is both available - and awake at this ungodly hour.


9:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about breakfast at the Oxford House? You do remember the Oxford House don't you?

8:46 PM


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