Thursday, July 20, 2006

Devil Goes Down in Georgia

A hearty congratulations is in order to voters on the other side of the Savannah River this week.

On Tuesday, Georgia Republicans chose political unknown Casey Cagle as their nominee for Lt. Governor by a 56-44% margin over Ralph Reed, former Chairman of the Georgia GOP and ex-hatchet-man for the now-toothless Christian Coalition.

Reed, whose candidacy was largely undone by links to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, personifies the ongoing fall from grace (pardon the pun) of religious right candidates in the deep South.

Candidates who stake their campaigns exclusively (or whose reputations exclusively focus) on social conservative issues are dropping like flies, alienating independents and Republican voters who care more about "Fiscal Values" than where politicians think they should worship on Sunday.

Of course, this becomes political purgatory once an already narrow-minded campaign is tainted by the mere whiff of a scandal, as happened to Reed in Georgia on the ethics issue and Treasurer candidate Greg Ryberg here in South Carolina on the gambling issue. Voters are already less-inclined to vote for right-wing panderers, God forbid they be hypocrites.

The resounding defeats of candidates like Reed and Ryberg (and Bob Peeler four years ago, for that matter), should send a strong message to the panderers-in-chief of the 2008 Presidential Primary field here in South Carolina - Mitt Romney and George Allen.

The message?

Right-wing red meat just ain't what it used to be down here.

For the record, all of us FITS girls are dyed-in-the-wool Calvinists who love us some fire-and-brimstone, predestination and the old, non-P.C. Presbyterian hymnbooks. But we also remember what we learned in Sunday School, that its Jesus' job to judge others, not ours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A poor candidate is a poor candidate. No matter which side of the spectrum he comes from...so I would be a bit careful in counting the Christian Right and yesterday’s news...

Keep up the good work…


11:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cookie cutter campaign Reed ran. "Family, Faith and Freedom". Give me a break.

3:48 PM

Anonymous R. Combs said...

The amoral Libertarian Party is calling you Sic Willie. Join them, move to Idaho.

6:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hmmm, do we really know any of these presidential hopefuls yet?

Sure they all have some position, votes and or comments recorded in what now will become their baggage good or bad.

Having said that; we have not seen their will be platforms, their campaign plans developed and maybe more importantly whom they hire to run their respective campaigns in SC...

Butt! It will be fun to watch... or participate in.


7:47 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Ms. Combs,

The purveyors of outdated sanctimoniousness are calling you. Join them. Move to Liberty University.

And enjoy your continued service at the polls.


11:57 PM

Anonymous Brer' Rabbit said...

FITS, I doubt that they condescend to read blogs in Berkeley County... something about the computer being a thing of the devil and e-mail being witchcraft.

9:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"panderers-in-chief of the 2008 Presidential Primary field here in South Carolina - Mitt Romney and George Allen."????

When I met George Allen here several months ago, he kept talking about what a great guy Mark Sanford is....He supports your boy Will, don't speak badly of him.

10:16 AM


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