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GOP's Broken Bat

Chicago White Sox slugger Jim Thome has blasted an American League-leading 26 home runs this season, putting him on pace to shatter his previous career mark of 52 homers, set back in 2002 with the Cleveland Indians.

But Thome hasn't hit a single one of those dingers with the bat he broke in this 2004 photo - midway through his three year stint with the Philadelphia Phillies.

That's because as Roy Hobbs from the movie The Natural will tell you, once a bat's broken you can't hit with it again.

It's useless.

Which brings us to the South Carolina Republican Party, which is heading into the November 2006 Elections so rife with splinters and divisions that it may be impossible to pick up all the pieces, let alone put them back together again to form a "united" front.

There's Governor Mark Sanford versus the General Assembly, the Quinns versus the Shealys, the Tompkins versus the Quinns, SCRG versus the House GOP Caucus, Jenny versus Andre and so many other squabbles of varying significance that the Grand Old Party is starting to look more like an episode of Knots Landing than a slate of viable candidates.

Of course while the notion of unity is anathema to some and overrated to others in the GOP, it's actually beneficial to all.

Here's why.

The upcoming election is an off-Presidential election, which means Mark Sanford is at the top of the ticket. If those Republicans in downballot races (Andre Bauer, Mark Hammond, etc.) don't rally behind the governor in spite of whatever differences they may have with him, they indirectly hurt their own prospects for the fall and "slam the window wide open" for the Democrats, as our good friend Rep. Dan Tripp might say.

Veteran consultant Rod Shealy, who is running two downballot statewide races this fall, knows this dynamic better than anyone, which is the best evidence yet that the write-in campaign for governor currently being contemplated by Lexington State Sen. Jakie Knotts is something that may have to be reconsidered.

Simply put, it's in the best interest of all Republicans to rally around the top of the ticket because the weaker Sanford is perceived to be, the tougher the sledding becomes for Andre, Karen Floyd, Thomas Ravenel and the rest of the GOP nominees.


Governor Mark Sanford's Lexington heart center veto was absolutely the right thing to do. The proposal didn't pass DHEC muster, there aren't anywhere near enough qualified surgeons to staff the facility and existing demand simply doesn't justify this kind of taxpayer-funded creation of supply.

Having said all of that, was this one of those unpleasant political realities it would have behooved the governor to just swallow?


The numbers in Lexington County don't lie, and the governor is going to have to work hard to give this die-hard Republican stronghold a reason to believe again if he wants a mandate for his second term.

Contrary to popular perception, Lexington isn't going to keep the governor from getting reelected, but it can keep him from the kind of margin he wants in his back pocket heading into this critical four-year stretch of his political life.


And it ain't how T-Rav rolls ...

Mr. Robertson, the diminuitive Acting Treasurer, called into the Andy Thomas Show last week to apologize for personal attacks against GOP Treasurer nominee Thomas Ravenel that were printed in The State newspaper and other media outlets the day after Ravenel secured the nomination.

Robertson, who criticized Ravenel for the currently legal practice of being single, went on to say that he was not speaking for the Treasurer's Office when he made the comments.

That's a typical political answer, but it does bring us to a potentially serious problem for Treasurer Patterson.

Having Robertson speak on any campaign-related issue - whether in support of Grady Patterson or attacking Thomas Ravenel (which seems to be the only thing they've been doing lately) - should be totally off limits.

In fact it not only should be, it is.

Why? Because We the Taxpayers - not the Patterson for Treasurer campaign - are currently footing the bill for Robertson's $70,000 salary. That's right, he's a taxpayer-funded state employee working inside the State Treasurer's Office.

Now we do have a First Amendment in this country, which means Robertson is free to talk trash about Thomas Ravenel all he wants, but he damn sure better not do it on our time, our dime and using our equipment and our resources.

That's not borderline illegal, it is illegal.

Besides, if Mr. Robertson would spend a little more time working to help restore the Triple-A credit rating his boss lost and a little less time playing politics, maybe we wouldn't be in the fiscal mess we're in today.

Until next week ... be heard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please excuse me; but this is the second post on this topic:

GOP PRIMARY AFTER ACTION REPORT: Aim at the big ELEPHANT foot; and pull the trigger. BANG!

Wow, that was easy!

Will we ever learn?

I have watched through this primary as so many good elected REPUBLICANs and party officials played target practice on the foot of the Elephant, with a shotgun effect that is bound to cause secondary injury to the GOP in November!

For what it is worth, here is how I view the bottom line as a ‘100% Real Republican’ who has watched from my ‘roller coaster’ ride vantage point in 2004 to near-victory for the SC SENATE. This is not a new problem, my SENATE race was infected with more than a few high level GOP ‘Benedict Arnolds’ who supported the ultra liberal DEMOCRAT Senator Dick Elliott against my solid GOP credentials in the general election - I had the NRA and the SC Right to Life endorsement and School Choice support among others, plus 48% of the voters.

I can see the damage done from the inside, and I have a pretty good grasp of what damage control measures need to be adopted by our party if we want to keep South Carolina moving forward under GOP leadership.

At this point I believe that we all should immediately sign on to a couple of simple maxims:

SC GOP RULE #1: Support the REPUBLICAN slate of nominees in the 2006 General Election both in PUBLIC and in PRIVATE.

SC GOP RULE #2: After you have Elected REPUBLICANS, then you’all have permission to fight each other over issues and the budget. Politely.

SC GOP RULE #3: End of discussion. Period. That is why we are called a political party, not individuals. GOP Math lesson: PARTY = TEAM

Between now and November I will be supporting all of our REPUBLICAN candidates, including Andre Bauer, who went so far to host a fundraiser for my Democrat opponent SENATOR Dick Elliott. Was I pissed? More than a little, but, whether Andre likes me or not isn’t the issue with me, the issue is REPUBLICAN values and policies, both in our state and national government. At least Andre is a REPUBLICAN and a conservative.

I know which party I have loyalty to in this election and I know whose signs will be planted in front of my house and whose bumper stickers will be on my pick-up truck! I will be out in front for ALL of our REPUBLICAN candidates in my little piece of Carolina!

We don’t need one single DEMOCRAT to benefit from our ‘family feud’ in November. Let’s take our fingers off the trigger…

That feels so much better, doesn’t it? (how stupid does that sound…read it outloud!)

Okay…I’ve said my 2-cents…whew….relax and take two deep breaths…


Katherine Jenerette

P.S. Oh, by the way, lets all be nice to Adam and McGown…too….

8:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need change in the Treasurer's office. Mr. Patterson has championed the status quo in Columbia for four decades. Because of Mr. Patterson we were the last state to invest in equities and unlike other states we have huge unfunded liabilities in our retirement system as a result. Always being the last to change whether it be diversifying our investment portfolio, choice in education, tax cuts, tort reform, gov't restructuring means SC will always be last on all the good lists and first on all the bad lists. Until we get leaders who are ahead of the curve instead of woefully behind it, SC will always be behind the other 49 states. Of course Patterson (or his taxpayer-funded campaign manager)is gonna go negative, the alternative is to run on his record which is not only abysmal but also replete serious dereliction of statutory duties to the office.

11:42 PM

Blogger Earl Capps said...

Republicans are supposed to be nice and make sure that Mark Sanford gets re-elected?

You know, that's a really nice idea, and I'm sure he's hoping we'll do that.

But does he really have the right to expect that, after four years of seek-and-destroy efforts against fellow Republicans that either he, Jenny, or his associates were involved in?

Over the last four years, there's been no give with the man, only take. Now, with his polling a lot closer than it should be, we're being asked to shut up about it.

I won't commit the treasonous act of backing Tommy Moore, but there are a lot of other Republicans who might well do it, out of anger, frustration and betrayal.

Yes, I said betrayal.

A lot of the people who have been the targets of the Sanford team, be it by active campaign efforts, or just press stunts, all but sold their souls to get him elected four years ago.

What did we get in return? Betrayed, backstabbed, publicly castigated, and attacked.

We deserved better.

Mark Sanford he needs to be man enough to swallow his pride and make amends for all the damage he's done to his party. It won't get them all back on board, but it certainly would help limit the damage.

2:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a political novice... if we lose our Republican stronghold... we're in deep doo-doo. Jakie - I like you, but just wait another 4 years.

8:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shealy has been kicking the Quinns around for the last 6 years! You consider that a rivalry? When will the Quinn's learn that you can't run a campaign on a copier and reduced rate postage? How many more embarrasing defeats lay ahead for the Quinns? How will Little Ricky keep his business afloat if he can't strongarm candidates into using him for their campaign pieces. What effect will the sunlight have on the Quinns after the Hunley scam is exposed? Hmmmmmm

8:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI....Lexington Medical Center is Not supported by Tax payer dollars but is a self supporting facility. And don't go off on the fact that they should become a level 1 trauma center before they they get the go ahead to perform open heart procedures. You have to be able to do open heart procedures to be a trauma center so you are putting the cart before the horse. I don't think Lexington County can keep Governor Sanford from being re-elected...he is doing a good enough job of that all by himself.

6:50 PM

Anonymous Carolina Observer said...

so if i read you right Mrs. Jenrette, it's all about party label versus the person ? Isn't that what we shoud try to get away from? As Carroll Campbell said in 1986..."what good is a label when it's the person you ought to know"

1:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Shealy has been kicking the Quinn’s, BLAH BLAH BLAH...


You Sir are a moron, Quinn is trustworthy while Shealy produces the most elementary DM one has ever seen not to mention has been convicted of election fraud. So RQA doesn’t cheat and loses a few, I am certain they do not mind.

3:52 PM


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