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Heard in the Echo Chamber - A Store For SC, Finally

We've got to hand it to FITS' girl Amy H., she not only sends us the best pictures, but she's also a living, breathing human being (and a damn fine one to boot) as opposed to being part of Will Folks' universally diagnosed yet still untreated schizophrenia.

So while former Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry made the headlines this week with his health care-themed visit to the Palmetto State, we think our girl Amy appropriately captured the pernicious realities confronting the Massachusetts Senator and his fellow 2008 Presidential hopefuls in South Carolina with just one photograph.

Kerry's idea is pretty simple - repeal a portion of the Bush tax cuts so that the top 1% of income earners in America can finance a massive expansion of federal health care to poor people, thus freeing up historically low-income states like South Carolina to expand coverage further up the ladder.

Kerry is the second 2008 contender to hitch his wagon on a big health care idea - fellow Bay Stater Mitt Romney having recently rolled out a slightly left-of-center "Hillary-care lite" universal health care plan for his home state that he hopes will evolve into a national model.

What these good folks from Taxachusetts don't seem to get is that South Carolina's problem has as much to do with a government structure that's wasteful and inefficient (we have 8, count 'em 8, state agencies currently providing health care) as it does with a lack of resources given our lowly, non-competitive economic status.

As it turns out Gov. Mark Sanford - in addition to championing pro-growth economic policies and pushing for a massive streamlining of the current health care delivery system - is well ahead of the curve when it comes to advancing a more user-based cost structure, one that would finally open the door to personal health savings accounts.

Of course to hear the bozos in the S.C. General Assembly talk, what the hell does he know? he's just a damn libertarian, right?

And besides, like all of South Carolina's centuries-old problems, why dam up the creek and actually solve the problem when we can keep buying increasingly expensive paddles with other people's money?


Like those damn Earps, who never met a problem that couldn't be solved with cold steel, Lowcountry Rep. Wallace "Cool Hand" Scarborough will not be prosecuted for a July 15 incident in which he is alleged to have shot at (or near) two SCE&G utility employees working on his parents' property in a Charleston suburb.

Scarborough, who famously told the Charleston Post and Courier that if he had wanted to shoot the two employees "they'd be dead," appears to have now dodged a bullet himself with Solicitor Ralph Hoisington's announcement that he will not prosecute the case. Laurin Manning recently pointed out Hoisington's cozy relationship with Scarborough attorney Bart Daniel, and even hinted not-so-subtly that a Wallace walk was what was in the works. (Damn, that's good alliteration if we do say so ourselves).

Well, while Wallace walks (sorry, we did it again), the incident remains yet another reminder to the rest of the nation that yes, we'z still be a buncha' dumass gun-totin' reyyud-necks down hee-yure.


... South Carolina will nonetheless remain the "First in the South" Presidential Primary for both the Democratic and Republican parties, according to news reports published today.

In other words, we will continue to have the opportunity every four years to showcase for the rest of the nation our unwavering pride in the Confederate Flag (not to mention our very own $100 million Confederate submarine), our worst-in-the-nation school system, our third-highest-in-the-nation unemployment rate, our 1895 system of government, our Marxist port management philosophy and our militant hatred of homosexuals and anything that remotely resembles economic, educational or social progress.

Of course, political observers like us will continue to laugh all the way to the bank, but ...


He hates us, and to be fair, we probably hate him a little bit, too.

But that doesn't change the fact that Ross Shealy's "Barbecue and Politics" website was one of the funniest, best-written blogs South Carolina will ever see - just as anything that devotes so much original content to our very own Sic Willie must be.

Ross' decision to hang up the mouse and keyboard is a sad one, and as his longtime antagonists we stand humbly and reverently in awe of his talent, his humor and his creativity.

We wish Mr. Shealy Godspeed in all of his future endeavors, and hope to have the opportunity to sample more of his "exquisitely-smoked witticisms" in some form or fashion in the very near future.

Thanks for the laughs (particularly those at our expense) and best wishes, Ross.

Until next week ... be heard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder how long it will take the Hotline to put you on the banner spot for this one Will??? Jeez.

9:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the pompousness, the arrogance, the gall of this man. will, did you ever stop to think about that for a minute? why in the world you continue being published in our newspapers or taken seriously by important people in our state is a thing I never will understand. you sir, are an arrogant jerk, a drunk, a womanizer and now the outspoken leader of the pro-queer movement in our state.


10:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually anon the word the street is that Sic Willie is trying to straighten up and fly right. He and his "Friend" Rick Quinn apparantly they are now not drinking. Willie was at his old haunt the Public House tonight but did not even stay and he just picked up a to go order. Four of us saw him walk in get his food and walk out the back door without speaking. And, No I do not belive it will last.

10:45 PM

Blogger Tammy said...

maybe if Kerry can draw attention to S.C. and all of the problems you mentioned...he can exemplify what years of republican leadership have done for our state.

ditto on BBQ & Politics...I often thought he was a plant...because there is nothing else like it in SC.

as for not drinking...i may disagree with your politics...but not drinking?

i'll just hate your damn guts then.

;-) t

12:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you actually looked at Romney's Health Care plan before spouting off at the mouth about it?

7:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's tough not being a conservative lapdog. You always get the crazies. Nice article.

10:29 AM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear Anon,

Guilty as charged when it comes to spouting off at the mouth. It's what we do. But for you to assume we would EVER write about something without having done our homework first, well you've dramatically underestimated your FITS girls.

Romney's plan is perhaps the most imbecilic health care idea to come along in decades. Mandate everyone pay for coverage? Are you kidding us?

What about the millionaires who can just stroke a check for "whatever" if they get sick? What about the subsidies you'd have to provide to the thousands of dirt poor people (and yes, anon, there are more of them in SC that there are in Taxachusetts)? And seriously, are you really going to garnish(ey) wages if people don't buy in?

What is this really, anon, a legitimate health care plan or a scene from Fletch?

And the big question, what happens when employers by the thousands start dumping good coverage for employees because the state has mandated minimal coverage for everybody?

No wonder the non-partisan, non-profit Council for Affordable Health Insurance has come out against Romney's idea.

Seriously, you really think government can do a better job meeting health care needs than the private sector? That's conservative.

Romney has one thing right - the concept of personal responsibility, but he's totally missed the mark (but ironically hit the Marx, Karl, that is).

Personal responsibility equals personal accounts that free up more money, not government mandates that drain it.

Enjoy your service,


10:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wallace says he's a good shot, but he ended up shooting his porch?

Most people would know that to shoot a warning shot, they should generally fire in the air, or even safer yet, into the dirt, which would absorb the round.

But then again, a warning shot would only be necessary in the event an actual threat was presented.

Someone who is a good shot is almost always very proficient with a weapon in many aspects of its safe and proper handling.

Like the Big Bad Wolf ... who huffed, and puffed ...

Anyone think that maybe Wallace was floating on the Annette Special that night?

1:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumor I heard is Folks got blitzed at the Publick (learn how to spell it people) House and that Quinn had to step in. Quinn is according to people who know them both just doing it as a favor to his friend, who is a bona-fide alcoholic. I am not necessarily a Rick Quinn fan but that is what I have heard about this situation and if it is true then it certainly speaks highly of his character.

Perhaps "Sic Willie" will at long last get his act together and start being worthy of the friendship of those few people who haven't kicked his sorry ass to the curb already.

7:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Consumer directed healthcare rocks. Traditional health insurance creates perverse incentives to overuse health care, thus driving up the costs. Universal participation in traditional health care only magnifies the problem. Massachusetts will eventually have to ration care to keep thier little socialist experiment viable. Lets see how freedom minded Americans like that.

9:32 AM


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