Monday, July 24, 2006

It's Like Deja Vu, All Over Again

Seriously, what is it about Katherine Jenerette that sends the anonymous blog commentary surging into the stratosphere? We're telling you, this woman is pure blogosphere crack, and the natives can't get seem to get enough of her.

For the second time in a row, a post about Katherine (actually this latest one was predominantly focused on her presumptive GOP primary challenger, Tracy Edge) has generated a slew of mostly anonymous comments.

Some of these people question Jenerette's chances. Others are anonymous hacks who are obviously affiliated with her prospective challengers, and accordingly are looking to discredit her and her campaign.

Which leads us to ask: If you're not scared of her, why are you acting like you're scared of her?

FITS has learned that Jenerette and her husband, Van - as well as representatives of her campaign - have already been approached by multiple Columbia political consulting firms and multiple Columbia insiders in an effort to get her to run for the State House of Representatives, ostensibly freeing Edge up to run for the State Senate.

Her response? A polite, but firm "Thanks, but no thanks."

Anyways, this race is clearly shaping up as one of "the ones to watch" for 2008 ...


Anonymous billybadass said...

How come everyone forgets to mention that she just got her butt kicked in a county council race?

8:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the local rumors are true then Katherine was very wise to stay out of the House race.

She is way better off in trying to beat Mr. Edge. She better focus on that Dillion/Marion vote that Elliot got in 04 becasue you can bet that an Edge will carry Horry County.

9:05 AM

Anonymous Casual Observer said...

Hey FITS, sorry for the intrusion here but on another topic but did anybody catch JW Rags. interview in the P&C...study up my boy, you really should know what you are talking about before spouting off...

10:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say it...but I just don't care. Either way. She looks kinda mean to me, and I am scared of mean women.

1:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

she's a 3 time loser--school board, city council, and state senate. She is a joke.

8:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Burroughs and Chapin wants to own a Senator rather than a state rep... we wonder how long that will take teh press to decide to report.

9:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Willie: Who is scared of who? You have for the second time in a month posted highly inflated opinions of Jenerette while not so good comments about Edge. It seems that Jenerette is the one afraid of Edge. She could have filed against him this year and tried to get him out of the way for 2008. Jenerette ran for the school board and city council and got creamed. She did do well against Elliott but benefitted from Bush's coattails and straight ticket voting and still lost. She can't raise money and furthermore is now working for the largest developer in North Myrtle Beach so she can't play the developer card against Edge. Oh you and Jenerette keep calling Elliott "one of the most powerful Senators". Get real Will you as well as anyone know that Elliott is a joke and probably the least respected Senator here in Columbia as well as down in Horry. Besides, Edge will get the backing of Sanford for leading the charge in the legislature on medicaid reform, school choice, and property rights. Sanford knows who his allies are and that Edge is a big one. So, we have heard all of the excuses why Jenerette lost and she excepts no blame for defeat. She could have cleared her path to vicory in 2008 by beating Edge in 2006, but must have been afraid. Who is afraid of who? And are you working for Jenerette? That might explain the bias.

12:20 PM

Anonymous Truth Watcher said...

To the anon who made the Burroughs and Chapin comment.
Did you know that Jenerette is Vice President of a developement company with over ten condo projects and a huge new development in North Myrtle Beach which sought zoning changes.
I guess her company, Oceanfront Developers, wants to own a Senator now instead of a planning commissioner!! Now who is in the pocket of big developers, hhmmm? Thought you might want to be informed instead of looking stupid.

4:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When people can't attack Tracey Edge based on his record then they try the Burroughs and Chapin angle. Every election this is the attack line that opponants have used and Tracy just keeps on winning. I guess Mark Sanford and George Bush are evil too since Burroughs and Chapin massively funds their campaigns.

Question: Who runs Edges campaigns? He doesn't seem to be categorized into any of the big three. But I do know he has won them all in spite of the negative attacks like from anon above.

4:16 PM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...

Ne tirez pas sur le messager!

7:37 PM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

I'm left to guess that one anon would also list Abe Lincoln as a joke, based on his campaign losses. Based on inside party hatred, just how much opposition reaesarch are you willing to freely offer up to a Democrat via blogs that could be capitalized upon after the primary is decided?

I suppose we'd have seen similar piddling in the fan blades were there blogs a few years ago when we had a five or more way congressional primary that gave us Henry Brown to follow Mark Sanford in the House.

10:09 PM

Anonymous Horry County voter said...

I have contributed to both Tracy Edge (several times) in his run for the House and Katherine Jenerette in the past. My vote would have to go to Edge (maybe a contribution too). Nothing against Jenerette but Edge is a conservative and has been very influential in this area. My voting box (Ocean Drive 2) and my neighborhood have supported Tracy in every election and supported Katherine against Elliott. Without his efforts The NMB Connector which is vital to our area (at 75 Million) would just be still a dream. Elliott was of no help. Jenerette needs to be patient and will get elected someday, but a probable loss to Edge after losing so badly in the last city council race would be devasting for her future chances. I wish both of them good luck!!

4:23 PM


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