Friday, July 14, 2006

Rolling Up the Coast

After an all-nighter in downtown Chuck the FITS girls were back on the road again bright and early this morning, arriving in Georgetown County just in time to do a spot of boutique shopping at the famous Pawleys Island Hammock Shops.

A still-wired Sic Willie briefly entertained the locals with his Austin Powers-esque "That's not Vida Miller, that's a man, Baby!" spoof - a reference to their hometown Representative - before suddenly passing out stone cold in one of the town's famous hand-woven cotton rope hammocks (above).

While Willie snoozed (and snored), the rest of us picked up delicious root beer floats from Pawleys' famed "Creamery" and started poaching bargains - as well as political gossip.

It turns out nobody up Georgetown way has heard of Jakie Knotts, either. Nor did anyone particularly swoon when we showed them his picture.

As it happened, the talk of the town was Steve Jordan, the new pastor at Wayne Methodist Church. We're just going to take it on faith that he pronounces his last name "Jor-dan," you know, like the river and not some crazy Upstate kook that Rod Shealy probably got into the Lieutenant Governor's race as "Plan A" for his flagging candidate.

For those of you who were wondering, Andre's plane crash was "Plan B."

Other than that, not much was going on. The checkout girl at Whitmire's Jewelry, who was thumbing through the book "He's Just Not That Into You," did tell us she was not voting for Jim Hodges again this go-round, but that she was still very proud of the public schools her five daughters currently attend.

One thing we've noticed throughout our travels this week is how packed the coast is this year with out-of-state license plates. Sure looks like a good year for South Carolina's $15 billion tourism industry, so let's keep our fingers crossed that all stays quiet on the African (Hurricane) front between now and Labor Day.

Tomorrow, we'll venture further Northward to Myrtle Beach, the undisputed heart and soul of the Redneck Riviera, dropping our bad boy off at the strip club so the rest of us can enjoy some sun, seafood and - of course - outlet shopping!

Oh, and maybe a little politics.


Anonymous Tim said...

Might I suggest Bubba's Fish Shack in the heart of Surfside Beach? I'll be enjoying a PBR on tap there myself tomorrow afternoon.

11:27 AM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

I'll suspect that either Sunny has departed Litchfield or that two conspirators shall offer us another dining review... maybe Prosser's in Murrell's Inlet, accomodating both red and yella barbecue sauces...

One wonders if a Pawleys Island Hammock will surface as a meatphor for Jake (all those knots).

1:35 PM


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