Thursday, July 06, 2006

We Told You So ... A Month Ago

Thirty-five days after it was first reported here on FITS, the mainstream media has finally picked up on "Redneck RINO" Jakie Knotts potential gubernatorial bid.

Knotts talked to the AP yesterday, telling them that he hasn't made a decision yet but would consider not running if incumbent Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, well, showed him a little love.

Given that Knotts was one of only two Republicans to join Tommy Moore and the Democrats in killing an income tax cut for millions of hard-working South Carolinians back in 2004, there's actually a good chance he'd take more votes from Democrats than Republicans if he indeed chooses to run.

Of course, there's also an excellent chance that he won't run, particularly when he looks at poll numbers and realizes he's gotten his cholesterol level and his statewide favorability ratings confused.

Sanford's campaign was once again imbecilic in its response, however, first playing the evasive card, then missing a golden message opportunity (again) and finally reminding us of the fact that Jason Miller, for reasons surpassing all human understanding, remains on the payroll as campaign manager.

Knotts - as well as his Don Quixote-esque anti-Sanford campaign - is a joke, but people will only realize the self-aggrandizing (pardon the pun) humor of it all when the governor's campaign decides to take its head out of its a-- and get back on message.

Oh, and until next time, don't say we here at FITS never learned you nuttin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankly I think Knotts will not run (it is probably much easier and more fun to 'talk' about running than run) and if he does, despite his vote with Tommy Moore or on any Democratic issues would ultimately take more votes from Sanford because of the intense party identification voting in SC. If anything this maybe a bid to endear himself to Lexington voters angry at the gov. How is Sanford going to 'show Jake any love' now that the session is over?

Only one thing is for sure here. People often lose weight on the campaign trail if they are doing a lot of long days and therefore Sen. Knotts NEEDS to gain some weight in order not to fade away before Nov. 7th

4:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Wonder if Sanford is going to take back the "Friend of the Taxpayer" award he presented Knotts.

8:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least someone from Sanford's campaign is on a payroll.

10:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Will's a little jealous that he got passed over for the campaign manager's job for Marky Mark.

12:17 PM

Anonymous a friend said...

Jealous? Every one knows he is getting paid under the table by Sanford, Karen Floyd, Mike Campbell, Thomas Ravenel, the Quinns and God knows who else. In fact I have seen him taking money under the table from one of these candidates and the press will find out about it soon enough.

Too bad we couldn't get Sic Willie locked away for beating up women but at least we will be rid of him soon once the truth behind these allegations comes to light.

5:24 PM


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