Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dawson To Break Pledge, Seek Reelection As Party Chair

FITS has confirmed from three independent, reliable sources that SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson will break his pledge to serve only two terms as Party Chairman and seek a third term.

Dawson, who has presided over a financially sound but ideologically fractured state GOP organization since his election in April, 2002, is likely to face a strong challenge from Columbia attorney Kevin Hall, a well-known ally of Gov. Mark Sanford, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint.

Dawson did not immediately respond to FITS' request for comment.

Stay tuned to FITS for more on this developing story ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only say Kevin Hall b/c you read it on Sunny's blog.

Quinn v. Dawson w/ Quinn getting embarrased....again.

3:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see these sources.

If he does break pledge, he can expect heavy opposition.

4:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Adams would like the job...

9:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Katherine Jenerette would be a winner and should run. She's a Gulf War Vet, mother of four, and has managerial and leadership experience.

See http://www.Jenerette.com for her bio and achievements. She cxould definately beat Katon and Kevin Hall.

8:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a letter from Kevin Hall stating his intention to run yesterday in the mail ---- i was shocked - a little early no doubt.
CAN we not focus on getting the Republican slate elected in November - Geeezzzeee

9:01 AM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

Should we be suprised that Katon's breaking another pledge?

11:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

JW, dude. Long time no hear!

2:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katherine Jenerette...are you kidding me?
Kevin Hall would make an amazing chairman.

5:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crybaby Jenerette couldn't even win a push over race against Mr. Liberal Dick Elliott then protested and couldn't even persuade the election Commission how 35 people voted from one address. Then she couldn't keep her mouth shut long enough to keep a job at the Hospitality Association

8:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jenerette is a nothing candidate though she has been running for the 2008 senate seat since Nov. 2004 (give me a break). "Hey school kids if you think you may run one day set up a website now, not only to appease your swelling egos but also for the election 20 years!" Jenerrette will possibly be the only person to ever out due Wilson on the veteran references. "Hey Joe, what time is it?" "As vereran I would like to say its 15 minutes after four."

If we are going to take Elliot's seat (thankfully he is not running in 2008 it looks like). Hopefully we do it with some on other than Jenerette.

10:06 AM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...

“Le résultat inférieur (car vous l'appelez) il les affiches anonymes ont le charisme politique des gonades coincées dans une bourse de dames.”

I find this discussion most interesting. For some reason, some fellow Republican’s are circling the 2004/8 Republican Senate candidate Katherine Jenerette like sharks who apparently are in the running for 2008.

If you’re asking yourself “Who the hell cares about what’s on this FITS BLOG about any elections which mention Katherine Jenerette,” you need to take a deep breath and hold it for about 37 minutes. “Most of the free world cares very much,” would be a good answer, but that’s total B.S.

The answer is easy; NO ONE CARES, except the same 13-people who read this stupid South Carolina blog every day; so send me a damn post card from Myrtle Beach with a photo of a fat chick with big boobs! That’ll get sicWillie’s attention, along with Rod Shealy, Tracy Edge, Dick Elliott and maybe, the friggin’ FBI….

From my perspective, you anonymous guys wish you were a Gulf War Veteran who could breast-feed children; but you can’t, so you whine about a race you didn’t have the gonads to enter. If Elliott was such a push over how come no Republican had the balls to take on Democrat Senator Dick Elliott before Republican Katherine Jenerette did?

Hey Anon1,2,3, do a ball check…look down, take your time…..missing something? It’s called gonads. At least Katherine Jenerette acted like she had some.

I think that at the first sound of a gun you guys probably grab your skirts and run screaming like Nancy-girls. You knock her veteran Gulf War service, but you probably make cookies in the kitchen for lunch and never put on a uniform except for the high heels and skirts you have hidden in your closets. Don’t you love the feeling of silk…

You guys sound like some animal rights activist – protect the cat wusses who have the guts of a Pile of melted cheese wiz. But, maybe you are all a new breed of Republican’s that show your strength by slamming from a keyboard and a computer. Why don’t you step up boys…grow some REPUBLICAN balls and run for SENATE against DEMOCRAT Elliott?

Bottom line (as you call it) some of you anonymous posters have the political charisma of gonads stuck in a ladies purse.

Yeah, you guys are real credible sources of political expectations. Dork Bite Elliott got his ass kicked bad by some ‘girl’ from Coastal Carolina University with four kids. Any incumbent who squeaks a win by 1800 votes out of 35,000 ain’t exactly got bragging rights. Any way you look at it he got ‘head-butted’ like a soccer geezer playing out of his league.

Everything about Elliott’s 2004 race was shitty. He spent about $300,000; Katherine Jenerette spent about $25,000. He had to bring in voters from North Carolina to pad Marlboro County and raid the nursing homes for grannies who couldn’t read the absentee ballots they were signing. Elliott had hire his son ‘Rick-the-Hammer’ to hire ‘hit men’ to chop down Jenerette’s campaign signs because his fathers ‘Elliott is my Senator’ sign’s looked plain and dumb and as exciting as a loaf of bread.

FINALLY, Dick Elliott had to pretend to be a REPUBLICAN in the official voters guide so some uninformed elderly ‘Florida 2000 Type C’ voter thought he had switched parties like SENATOR LUKE RANKIN did. It worked, but just barely. You could have called the SENATE 2004 race, “The Geezer and the Teenybopper,” and Elliott almost lost his ass.

Think about this. “Balls,” said the Queen, “if I had two, I’d be the King.”

Start counting guys, because my B.S. Detector says ANON1,2,3 etc. who bravely wrote the above crap are really secretly all FANs of Katherine Jenerette and they have her 8x10 glossy picture or poster size picture on their game room ceiling.

These guys probably just love Katherine Jenerette, REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE, SENATE 2008!

Warning: ‘Politics’ American style is like dry dog turds. I love your country.

“…vous les affiches anonymes avez le charisme politique des gonades coincées dans une bourse de dames…”

8:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin, or more appropriately Vandon Jenerette:
CHILL OUT!! Go run for Congress or something! Someone wrote a comment that said she would make a good Chairman and you blow your cool. You have issues you need to confront and apparently some hatred for some people you need to talk to.

And also, why do you assume all the posters here are male? Go deal with your issues!

8:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Important point:
If Elliott was such a push over how come no Republican had the balls to take on Democrat Senator Dick Elliott before Republican Katherine Jenerette did?

After all, Elliot was in the State House and the Senate for over twenty years and never faced a Republican challenge.

3:36 PM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...

…and also, why do you assume all the posters here are male?

Some things are exactly as they seem while others are not. In politics, as in war most things seen may be the opposite of each other and so often help is in reality meant to hinder and anger is meant to deceive and I suppose one could add to the maxim, balls become no balls; les boules ne deviennent aucune boule.

It’s really a matter of the pen and perception. Your response to my earlier post was anticipated and revealing in both substance and intrigue.

So Anon, since we both claim allegiance to similar principles and in many cases similar persons in this arena at least understand that it is our issues that make us who we are and it is our issues who ultimately define our actions.

I’ll give you one though; ‘real’ balls are not necessary in this discussion…

Amour toujours votre ami

Martin Guerre /aka/ Pansette

6:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Martin Guerre/Van Jenerette (one in the same)

Your last response made absolutely no sense at all. Maybe thats why you can't even win a city council race either. I mean, realy, it made noooo sense. I still don't see why you blew your cool. A favorable comment was made about your wife, Katherine, and you lose it. Face it she can't get elected (nor can you) to a public office but she could be a good Chairman. My friends down in Horry disagree though.

I don't know what your reference to Shealy, Elliott, and Edge are all about, please explain. I kind of understand your dislike of Elliott, but what doe Shealy or Edge have to do with anything?

Another point: Nobody in this thread has knocked Katherine's Gulf War service. Why are you ranting about that?

A fact you need to know which shatters your revisionist history. Sen. Dick Elliott has had TWO REPUBLICAN OPPONENTS in his Senate races PRIOR to Katherine running in 2004. So she was not the first "brave soul" as you would put it. I'll see if you can figure that out. If not I'll will tell you in another post.

And while I'm educating you let me lay out two other points. Elliott's disclosures show that he did not spend $300,000, more like $85,000. I know it sounds better to lose against $300,000, but it was $85,000. Secondly, I know you and Katherine realy believe the Sun News voter guide is what tilted the election, and as a Republican I hate that it happened. However I seriously doubt many or any voters rely on that for their decisions. Truth is that Katherine benefitted by straight ticket voters who pulled the "R" lever and did not have a clue who she was because she could not and still can't raise any money to get her message out. All other GOP candidates in that area won except her. Great message is neccessary to winning but it can't penetrate without money to push it. How will she compete against well financed candidates in 08 who have been mentioned before.

A point to an anon above. Elliott has had four GOP opponents since being elected in 1982 to the House. Two were during his House campaigns and two were in his Senate races BEFORE Jenerette. See if you can gigure them out and name them.

Finally Van, and Katherine: you both claim to help out every GOP candidate who run for statewide or national office. How come you never work for GOP candidates in Horry County or be active in the Local party affairs? You complain about locals not helping the two of you. What have you done for them?

Please respond to each of the above or if not have will respond for you.

10:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Guerre/Van Jenerette:

When is this tell all book about the 2004 Senate race coming out. I do believe it will be interesting to read. I have never heard of the auther, Joseph IR Calhoun, who is he? Also, who are the Republican Benedict Arnolds that the book preview on the Jenerette.com web site refers to. Curiosity is killing me!!

4:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Come on and respond. Are you running away. We should have heard back from you by now!

1:41 PM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...


If you were trapped in a room with the 'DIXIE CHICKS' which way does a 'real' REPUBLICAN run?

Keep fishing, mon ami.

Faux républicain orchestré leur extrémité sur l'accord à Paris au fond du Gulliotine. Benoît Arnold est vivant et bien avec quelques républicains de Horry Conty mon ami.

Martin/aka Pansette

7:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin aka Van:

I made specific points and asked specific questions that you totally ignored because you can't face the truth.
Among the things were a) You made some rant about Rod Shealy and Tracy Edge. Whats that about? b) I pointed out that no one in this thread had said anything derogatory about Katherine's war service. c) I pointed out that Elliott has had other Republican opposition prior to Katherine. It is indisputable that she was not the "first" as you have said. No comment from you about that one. d) I pointed out how much money Elliott spent. Hint, it is not $300,000, the disclosures don't lie. e) I asked you to name local candidates you and Katherine have supported and worked for. f) I asked about the auther of the book and when it was coming out mainly just out of curiousity cause I don't believe there is a book. I'm sure there were some other things there that I asked about or commented to you.

What do I get in return? Some comment about the Dixie Chicks! I Guess that is your way of dodging and running away from the questions. I guess it is you who is doing the "running away". In other word you can't handle tough questions and facts that get in the way of your story so you make an accusation comparing me to the Dixie Chicks and then you run away. Does show me much about your courage or that of the proud military officer you are. It just tells me that when someone catches you in your BS with facts in hand that you can't handle the truth.

Finally Martin, I know you ARE Van Jenerette Because I know you are a) fluent in French b) use Martin Guerre as a main subject in your class and c) maintain the Pansette Blog from your computer in you North Myrtle Beach home. So Van, you can run from questions, facts and discussions all day long but it shows that maybe you are the one who is cowardly like the Dixie Chicks. Now how about show some courage and reply to the questions and points that you have dodged!

9:58 AM


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