Friday, August 18, 2006

Grandpa Grady's Facebook Nation?

What is an 82-year old man doing on a college networking site whose primary functions seem to be rehashing the lastest episode of the O.C. and giving directions to the next frat house kegger?

Well, if your name is Grady Patterson, the answer currently amounts to little more than showing off your grandkids ...

We're sure Acting Treasurer Trav Robertson will tell us Patterson is just taking advantage of "a unique opportunity to reach the younger generation" or something like that, but based on a FITS review of the "Grady Patterson for State Treasurer" fan club on Facebook, it looks like the only younger generation Patterson is reaching via this particular "netroots campaign" is his own family.

That's right. As of this writing, Grandpa Grady's Facebook Fan Club includes a whopping five - count 'em five - members. And of those five members, three (including the Club's founder) have the last name Patterson.

The ringleader appears to be Clemson University Senior Jonathan Patterson, who is listed as the club's "creator," but also pledging allegiance to their grandfather's campaign are Spring Valley High School Senior Sarah Patterson and Orangeburg Prep Senior Cally Patterson.

The fourth member of the "Grady Facebook Nation" is none other than South Carolina Democratic Party spokesman Patrick Norton (USC '05).

The remaining 20% of the Greater Grady Facebook Universe is comprised entirely in the person of Duke University sophomore Frank Holleman, who has the distinction of being the only member of the club who isn't either related to Patterson or employed by the Democratic Party.

Grady's group has no pictures, no discussions, no recent news ... basically nothing except pictures of his three grandkids, Norton and Holleman.

By contrast, the Facebook Club "Students for Robert Barber" has 87 members (including Norton and Holleman), 42 pictures, quotes from the candidate, a link to his website and a recap of the Democratic Lt. Governor nominee's recent Conservation Voters' endorsement.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tommy Moore's Facebook group "Tommy Moore for Governor," boasts 55 members (including Norton and Holleman), 2 photos, quotes from the candidate, a link to his website and a recap of Time Magazine's article calling Gov. Mark Sanford one of the nation's worst governors.

Moore's page also includes numerous comments, including one girl who talks about meeting U.S. Sen. John Kerry at a Democratic Party event advertised on Moore's Facebook site (of course, we all know by now that Moore himself declined to be seen publicly with Kerry during his visit).

Recent national and local coverage has highlighted the importance of groups like Facebook and MySpace in the political process, particularly in the emerging world of the "netroots" - political-speak for web-based grassroots campaigning.

Sadly, we can't link you directly to Grady's Facebook page from FITS, but for those of you with Facebook accounts, simply log onto www.facebook.com and type "Grady Patterson" into the site's internal search engine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wilber there are pictures of you all over facebook on college girls pages. The real question is what are you doing on facebook other than stalking young college girls?

1:21 PM

Anonymous fakeinthesound said...


2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:40 PM

Blogger bitingblondewit said...

She's adorable And so young...shame on you!

To address the issue of the post-I think it's lovely that his grandchildren are supporting his campaign. No doubt the grandspawn of Ike and Mamie Romney will do the same one day...

10:22 AM

Anonymous fakeinthesound said...

ALERT CONSPIRACY ALERT. all the pcitures of drunk and womanizing Will FOllks are REMOVED FROM THE FACEBOOK. That is right all photos of drunk and womanizing Will (BELOW SEE) VANISHED from the facebook but the proof is still here. THIS PHOTO AND MANY OTHERS SHOWING DRUNK AND WOMANIZING WILL FOLKS WERE ON FACEBOOK YESTERDAY. Where did you hide them DRUNK AND WOMANIZER WILL?

12:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good God people. The point of the post is that Grady's engagement of the "Netroots" (nice term) is less extensive than Moore's or Barber's. What that has to do with Will and college girls escapes me. This blog would be so much better if people just stuck to the subjects at hand.

Will, we like you just fine, but your life is a lot less interesting than your political observations.

1:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Publish that you turd.

11:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will is a turd. And like a turd he swims with turds.

11:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grady Patterson is one of the greatest South Carolinians ever. On the other hand you are a dirtbag. You probably don't have the nerve to post this. We know what you are. Pure dirtbag.

5:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turd? Dirtbag? You are giving Mr. Folks far too much credit.

9:46 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Dear All-

It appears that membership in the "Grady Facebook Nation" has been surging since our post on Friday - from 5 members all the way up to 28. And while it appears that the vast majority of these Grady converts will not be old enough to vote in November, kudos nonetheless go out to the Patterson grandkids for stepping up the high school netroots.

And to our dearest "turd-thrower" and "dirtbag-caller" anonymouses, we've told you once and we'll tell you again:

We post everything here.

So don't be afraid. Cause we're not.


2:01 PM

Blogger Frank said...

Haha, oh Willard. I just stumbled across this post because someone mentioned they had read about my Facebook exploits with Grady's group. To be fair, there's another Grady facebook group that has had 100 members for several months now.


9:04 PM


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