Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quite Possibly the Queerest Thing We've Ever Heard

... and by queer we mean "odd."

You may not know this, but Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who as far as we can tell has never missed an opportunity to suck up to anyone in furthering his Presidential ambitions, lists his favorite United States President as Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Now that's totally cool with us.

We like Ike ourselves, and consider his "Mandate for Change" and "Waging Peace" autobiographies to be among the best ghost-written Presidential memoirs of all time.

But Romney's love for the former President, according to The Atlantic Monthly magazine anyway, apparently goes beyond mere political convenience ... way beyond, if you ask us.

From the September 2005 edition we read:

"And then there's a story behind this," Romney said, pulling out a plate with a picture of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower painted on it. "Not only was Eisenhower one of my favorite Presidents; when we became grandparents, you get to choose what the kids will call you. Some call you Papa. I chose Ike. I'm Ike and Ann (Romney's wife) is Mamie."

Aye, Cabana Boy. Are you kidding?

Later in the interview, the Atlantic Monthly reporter clarified that this story was partly "wishful thinking" on Romney's part, saying that "Romney's son Tagg told me that although his granddaughter, the oldest grandchild, did in fact call (Romney) 'Ike' at his request, she was the only one of the eight grandchildren who ever did. When later grandchildren started to call him Papa, she went along."

Poor kid. She probably felt as weird saying it as we did reading about it.

Next to early GOP Presidential frontrunner John McCain, Romney has been the most aggressive 2008 campaigner and "cash-dropper" to local candidates and party organizations. Playing up his social conservatism here in the Palmetto State and in Iowa, Romney has also stepped in it a time or two, getting in trouble for calling the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression" at a speech in Charleston, S.C., and referring to the disastrous Big Dig in his home state of Massachusetts as a "tar baby" at a campaign stop in Iowa.

And Ike's ... sorry, we mean Mitt's ... slogan - "There's just something about America," could sure use an upgrade.

After all, "there's just something about Canada," too, but that doesn't mean we want to live there.

Romney's S.C. aides are petrified about his Mormon faith adversely impacting his standing among South Carolina's social conservatives, never failing to point out that he is a man of strong faith and family values who opposes abortion and gay marriage.

Well, the fact that Romney is a Mormon has never bothered FITS.

Seriously, who can argue with an afterlife that features the male populating his own "spirit moon" with multiple wives?

No, Ike's biggest South Carolina problem - well, aside from his Hillary Care-lite universal health care proposal that would make the real Eisenhower and every Republican President who followed him turn cartwheels in their graves - is the the fact that he's just a little bit too slick and polished, a little bit too eager to please ... and a lot too cheezy.

Sorry, Ike (and a special sorry to our favorite lady in white) ... but that's just how we see it.


According to a poll released today by Quinnipiac University, Independent candidate and incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman leads Democratic nominee Ned Lamont 53-41% in a three way race, with the Republican nominee receiving a paltry 4%.

The poll also shows that 99% of Connecticut voters favor taking the second "C" out of their state's name or pronouncing it "Kuh-NECK-ta-kut."


Anonymous Tim said...

I wanted my kids to call me "Bobby" after RFK, but the wife wouldn't go along with being Ethel.

12:09 PM

Anonymous tammy said...

Unfortunately, Romney has to worry about the yahoos that'll judge him for being a Mormon. Another sad SC statement.

Ahhhhhhhh...i remember when Lieberman visited Spartanburg while a VP candidate and some guy lectured him on why he needed to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior.

I couldn't have been any prouder than I was that day...to call Spartanburg home. :-|

1:40 PM

Blogger bitingblondewit said...

"There's something about Canada..." why does that sound familiar? Is someone at FITS meshugge* and channeling Senator Biden today?

*For the goyim, meshugge means crazy.

2:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

romney is a total suck up.

4:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mitt's going to surprise alot of folks! Just you wait and see...

7:44 AM

Anonymous Rob W. said...

I would think being a Mormon would actually strengthen your convservative credentials. I mean, these people are all about being pro-family, pro-life, and definitly anti-gay marriage.

12:35 PM

Blogger SCPolitico said...

rob w. once folks understand that it will be MoNy for Romney.

2:27 PM

Anonymous Silence Dogood said...

I noted that you put Romney is "a man of strong faith and family values who opposes abortion and gay marriage."

Actually Romney is like many Democrats in the fact that he is personally against abortion but politically speaking pro-choice.

"On a personal basis, I don't favor abortion," he said. "However, as governor of the commonwealth, I will protect a woman's right to choose under the laws of the country and the commonwealth. That's the same position I've had for many years."

Source: Erik Arvidson, Lowell Sun Mar 20, 2002 www.ontheissues.org/Governor/Mitt_Romney_Abortion.htm

So being anti-gay marriage (or group marriage?) may not be the big issue for SC Republicans when it comes to Romney.

2:43 PM


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