Thursday, September 28, 2006

Never Assume Anybody Cares, People, Pt. II

While nobody outside the eight people who read FITS will probably care about this, we are sure that this little nugget will nonetheless have lasting reverberations and recriminations here on our comments page.

It seems as if our own Sic Willie has landed himself smack dab in the middle of campaign 2006, which suprises every one and no one all at the same time.

Our favorite bad boy is, after all, suis generis.

Below in its entirety is the press release from the Sicster himself that landed in our inbox just a moment ago:

Former Rivals to Collaborate on Electing Conservative Republicans in November

September 28, 2006

Veteran South Carolina political consultant Rod Shealy has retained the services of Viewpolitik, LLC, the Columbia S.C.-based political consulting firm founded by former Mark Sanford spokesman Will Folks, to assist in three statewide races over the final stretch of the 2006 campaign. Viewpolitik will provide counter-negative consulting services for the campaigns of GOP Treasurer Nominee Thomas Ravenel, Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom and Lieutenant Gov. Andre Bauer, all of whom are being advised by Shealy.

“As far as crafting and delivering a message, Will has one of the sharpest young political minds I’ve seen in a long time,” Shealy said. “The Democrat opponents in these three races – Mr. Barber, Mr. Theodore, and Mr. Patterson – have each begun their misleading “mudslinging” campaigns, and I expect Will to be an invaluable asset to counter these negative attacks, just as he did for Sanford four years ago.”

Folks, 32, was the lead spokesman, copywriter and graphic designer for Gov. Mark Sanford’s successful 2002 gubernatorial campaign. He also served as the governor’s press secretary from January 2003 to August 2005. Since leaving the governor’s office, Folks has worked on a variety of different issues and campaigns, serving as a media consultant to groups like SC Free Market Ports and Putting Students First.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

released on a thursday night after six to nobody while every one is at the football game.

brilliant shealy

6:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just what the GOP cast of characters need - another loose cannon and convicted criminal. So what is the going rate for Faith In The Sound? And just how long has this blog and its author been bought and paid for?

7:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What else can you say? Shealy getting desperate. Even SicWillie will probably agree. This, more than any poll or pundit prognostication, convinces me that Barber, Theodore and Grady are going to win.

9:17 PM

Anonymous Heyward said...

hey Will, you're a great blogger, but real political consultants don't have to brag about getting work.

9:19 PM

Blogger Palmetto Republican said...


9:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Will! All of us here at the GOP look forward to you helping us win all three! Glad your crafty mind is back at work!

9:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Perhaps a Republican clean sweep in 2006...

Good luck...

PS...Why do modern Democrats think they are always going to win, no matter what polling or common sense says?

6:00 AM

Anonymous Alex Stroman said...

they can't call it imaginary anymore. nj will

7:37 AM

Anonymous Auburn Whore Eagle said...

Let me see, two of the members of the Paul Adams, "I'm so jealous of them I wet myself" list link up and overlook his first time stamp makes his first anon post a lie...

"released on a thursday night after six to nobody while every one is at the football game.

brilliant shealy

4:17 PM "

8:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great news. I think the GOP is poised for a sweep...but you can never work hard enough.

The State followed instructions well with the Eckstom affair…making a mountain out of a molehill and even dutifully printing the pre-written letters to the editor on a daily basis.

So talent from the Folks brigade will come in handy in the next month and a half!

9:05 AM

Anonymous PDA Princess said...

Way to go SicWillie! I can't wait to see you give the tongue lashing those mean, nasty Democrats have been begging for!

9:49 AM

Anonymous Horry GOP said...

I guess that means since Shealy is now working for Senator Dick Elliott that Willie will be working for Senator Dick Elliott. Too bad Katherine Jenerette!!!

10:08 AM

Anonymous A fan? said...

It would appear that Mr. Shealy has done a SMART thing.
Who better to supply and to apply the sarcasm and biting antidotes for the negative campaigning from the Democrats than Sic Willie??
I believe that this is going to be a fun thing to watch.

11:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't news. Folks has been on the payroll of the campaigns of Ravenel and Eckstrom for some time (why was he present at the Rainey-Ravenel debate?)

Great stroke. Use your own blog to promote yourself.

11:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess in the land of the blind the one-eyed are kings.

1:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least that's one more off the unemployment rolls I guess Rod is doing what he can to move the state from second in the nation in unemployment since his fellow Republicans don't seem to be doing much.

1:47 PM

Blogger SC-Conservative said...

I think it is odd that Will is going to be defending Andre from attacks when Will already attacks Andre himself.

2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Will...regarding the Gov's race, what's the deal with this Tommy Moore press release yesterday entitled "TOMMY MOORE CLOSES IN ON MARK SANFORD" which cites a Survey SC poll showing Sanford with only a 4 point lead? This isn't consistent with any other polling I've seen reported.

Moore's press releas says this is consistent with last 3 Rasmussen Polls showing a Sanford slide. Problem is, the last Rasmussen showed an uptick from single digits to a 13 point lead.

2:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather, eh Will? Seems to me you have found the perfect home with Shealy and crew.

3:06 PM

Anonymous jb said...

Be careful. Don't let the Shealys drag you down with them.

3:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will's skills will be in need...Jim Rex dove head long into the gutter smearing Karen Floyd...and I am sure the rest of the Dems will not be far behind.

Slime must be fought...and who better to fight it than WFolks...

5:58 PM


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